Day two without a uterus.

Today has been really nice considering I'm recovering from surgery.  My friend Anna came over this morning and stayed all day to babysit me.  It was wonderful.  She played with the babies.  She watched them so I could nap.  She helped pick up the house.  I really appreciated her help today.

I'm still very sleepy.  After sleeping most of the day yesterday I was up and down last night every couple of hours.  I watched Golden Girls, Cheers and Who's the Boss reruns.  I rather enjoyed it.  It was funny watching the Who's the Boss shows because I actually watched that show when it was airing on TV all those years ago.  I still forget how it ends.  Do Tony and Angela get married???  I could just go Google it myself and find out after typing this post up.

I'm sorry I don't have anything exciting to blog about but for once life is calm and I love it.


TJ said…
Hopefully, your pain is better!
Supermom said…
Thank you TJ! I'm feeling stronger each day.
Amy P. said…
Friends are so valuable, you've got yourself a good one.

I'm thinking of you during your recovery and wish you all the best. I used to watch all these shows you mention! You got me curious about Tony and Angela too, now, darn it!