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Day eight without a uterus.

Day EIGHT happens to be a snow day.   Yay me!

Last night I actually slept in my soft comfy warm bed with my Superdad and, of course, Baby M.  During the night Lil O jumped in as well.  I actually slept and that was good since I've been living on the couch since I came home from the hospital.  I woke up at 5 am to pain and hobbled into the kitchen to takes my meds.  This is where I noticed all this white stuff outside.  It was like a bad dream.  A very bad dream.

Not because I don't want the kids to be home because that's not it at all.  I just want them to have a summer vacation.  We are working on plans for a summer vacation!  Not to get anyone excited but it does have the word "beach" in it.

*On a side note, I didn't want to spend the day with all four of my kids.*

I'm just sayin'.  Remember I have been ordered to rest and breaking up constant bickering, kids running around crazy and them wanting me to feed them is on my "DO NOT DO" list.

*nodding head*

Then school was canceled for all the kids.  Yes, you are correct.  There are four kids in my space today.  In my I don't feel good and I'm not supposed to be doing anything space.

Know what I mean?

I thought I might get up and take some picture for your viewing pleasure.

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Kimberly said...

I'm so tired of snow days. We've had nine. And even though my day job puts me with 500 of someone else's kids, I need that break from my own.