14 days without a uterus and I cannot stay focused.

I spoke to soon.

After I blogged yesterday the pain came back and then I slept all afternoon once Superdad came home from work.  I felt like such a total bum since it was Valentine's Day but I couldn't help it.  That's all I do now - sleep.

Sleep and think about puppies.

Lil O missed most of school last week and she hasn't been able to go this week.  She has the flu.  Poor thing.  She keeps a temp and just lays around all day.  So that means we both just lay on the couch all day.  When her motrin kicks in she will play for a few but them come back to the couch.

I hope she starts to feel better soon because it's sad seeing her feel so bad.  *frown*

*hours later Supermom turns on laptop to realize she never finished the post*

Lil O still feels crummy so I've made her an appointment with the doctor.

I cannot stay focused.  I brought over my agenda, paper work and reviews to work some but cannot wrap my brain around anything at the moment.

Yes, I am thinking about sleep and puppies still.  Sadly we don't have the puppy right now so I cannot snuggle up with him and take a nap on the couch.

Guess I will grab a baby and take a nap on the couch.