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The making of a Friendship Bread starter.

Week in Review.

Who left the snake in my room?

I'm going to bed with Mr. Darcy

It's not a band aid.

Even More Wordless Wednesday

More Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

She's still grieving an unfinished relationship.

She's not my daughter.

What's that smell?

I've sunk so low as to...

Myra, this one's for you.

The Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol in Duluth!!

Wordless Wednesday

I answered more questions. *smile*

You asked and I answered.

Ask Supermom!

I HEART Sunbutter and Sunbutter HEARTS Supermom.

I love a toothless smile.

Flowers from my Valentine:

14 days without a uterus and I cannot stay focused.

A lot of sleep does make you feel better.

Happy Valentine's Day

The Supermom family is thinking about adding a pet to our family.

I shouldn't have done that. Now I know.

Robert Pattinson versus Edward Cullen

Two Vlogs in one week. *smile* You're worth it!

Wow, I cannot keep my eyes open.

Trying to feel normal again after a hysterectomy.

I'm very proud...

Awesome memories.

Yeah, she's cool like that.

I have a thing....



For Superdad

Day eight without a uterus.



You had me at your white knee socks.

Wordless Wednesday

I just want to use the bathroom.

I want to set sail on The Love Boat.

Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions from Supermom

For your viewing pleasure.

Late night TV isn't good for your self esteem.

Thank You



My gift...

I have a thing....

Baby Supermom

An unfinished project.

My capes resting spot.

Totally Random Stuff

Recovering from a hysterectomy.

Don't be jealous....

Learning about myself.

Supermom's February Newsletter is up!

Let the itching begin!

Day two without a uterus.

Supermom is home resting.

Wordless Wednesday