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The making of a Friendship Bread starter.

Hear what inspired me.

I tell you what recipe I use.  Remember you cannot use metal in any of this process or you will ruin your starter.  You can use plastic, ceramic and glass.

For more information on Friendship Bread in Asheville just click here for the Facebook page.

Week in Review.

Hell yeah!!  I am famous!

I woke up this morning feeling fabulous!!! 

I woke up full of energy and a list of things I'd like to do today.  I took Lil O to school then went grocery shopping.


Thanks to everyone that has been helping me the past 3 1/2 weeks while recovering from my hysterectomy!!!!

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom.

I'm going to bed with Mr. Darcy

What?  Doesn't everyone name their laptop?

Mr. Darcy

Seems like the perfect name for a laptop.

Do you have a name for your laptop?

It's not a band aid.

Baby M thinks panty liners are band aids.  Apparently my bathroom wall has a boo boo.
*shaking head*

Even More Wordless Wednesday

Still on the couch. 

More Wordless Wednesday

Superdad has a thing for my feet.  They even look extra snazzy after my pedicure Saturday at a downtown spa.

Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday without thinking I picked up Baby M, from the floor, because she was crying.  I hurt myself.  Doc has me resting now.  At least I can surf the web.

She's still grieving an unfinished relationship.

Somethings just take time.  When you get a flesh wound you can physically see the changes as it heals and you know that you will be okay.  When you are dealing with feelings of the heart you never know how long it will take to heal.  When you break up with someone at least you are allowed some sort of closure.  You can be angry and sad then move onto other things.

With Crazy Beautiful H it's different since Evan was suddenly killed in a car wreck last year.  To be so happy and "in love" and then to have in all taken away from you in a second.  I cannot imagine the loss that H felt and still feels.  I tend to forget that it happened since I'm so busy but H never does.  It will cross my mind when I dust her bedroom and see his picture on her nightstand.  I will frown and let out a sigh then go about my business.

For her it's a constant reminder of the loss that she had to face at such a young age.

Sunday we were having a discussion about a past boyfriend that I'm glad is an EX boyfriend.  He was nothing but trouble and hurt H a lot.  There's no excuse for that.  Period.  He's been trying to come back into the picture and I've done everything to stop it but run him out of town.  Don't get me wrong, he's a normal teenage boy that has had a rough life.  But it's not H's job to "save" him.  It's a relationship like that.

H and I were having a heated discussion and I told her that she should have more respect for herself and want to be with a boy that worships the ground she walks on and would never ever hurt her or cheat on her. 

H then says this, "I did and God took him away from me."

She cried.  I cried.

I told H that God didn't take Evan away from her.  I tried to tell her that God just had a different plan.  I asked her to remember how it felt with Evan.  How he treated her and how he respected the young lady that she was and told her that some day, when she's older, she will find that "feeling" again with someone that deserves her love and her time.

I wouldn't wish this on anyone.  Sigh.  I feel so sad for my beautiful daughter to have had to deal with this at such a young age.  I do hope that in time she will have had her time to grieve and know she's allowed to be happy and find a good love one day.  She deserves it. 

She's not my daughter.

We all know that I LOVE nothing more than a delicious peanut butter cup.  Everyone knows this about me.  Remember that enormous stash that Monica gave me for Christmas?

My mouth just waters when I see that picture then I remember I still have a super secret stash in the freezer.  MMM.

This is why I have doubts about Baby M being my daughter because she doesn't like peanut butter cups.  See the dilemma?  How could that be?  Not liking chocolate and peanut butter together?  *gasp*  I just don't understand.  It's like I'm hearing a foreign language.

There's no way she is my daughter.

*shaking head*  Oh, well.  More peanut butter cups for me.

What's that smell?

This week I noticed this funky scent wafting through the living room every now and then.  I went to sniffing the furniture, curtains and even the rugs in the area looking for something a kid may have spilled or even wiped something on.  You never know with kids what you may find.

I febrezed the whole area in hopes for some yucky scent relief.

Then the scent resurfaced!  In a toy!   Apparently, I can only assume, Baby M put a wet diaper in the toy bucket instead of throwing it away!  It was yucky just to be a pee diaper.  There's no telling how long the diaper had been in there.

I had to fumigate the toy bucket and throw some toys in the dishwasher for more fumigation.

I guess the lesson to learn is to never give a wet diaper to your baby and expect them to really throw it in the trash.

I've sunk so low as to...

set the DVR to record Who's the Boss.  Yes, I know it was a sitcom in the 80's and I watched it in the 80's when it first aired.  *hanging head*

Since I've been having a hard time sleeping it entertains me and I've gotten hooked again after all this time.

The other night was when Tony FINALLY asked Angela to marry him.  So, I was afraid that I would miss the next couple of shows because I might actually be sleeping. So I set the DVR to record them.  Superdad was going through our recordings and sees it and laughs.  He said, "I don't think I know you anymore."  Something like that.  ha ha

Who's the Boss
I cannot wait to see what happens!!!  Wait, don't tell me!!!

Myra, this one's for you.

I'm feeling better today because of some words of encouragement last night and I want to blog about it.  I've been having a rough couple of days because I just have been so weak that I've just wanted to cry from fatigue.  I get out of breath walking to the bathroom from the couch and it gets OLD!!!!!

Then I get a text from Myra asking me how I am.  I tell her I'm feeling rough and I just want to cry that I am so weak.

Then she tells me this,

"You are a strong woman and you will get through this."

OMGooness!!  Those words touched my heart and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I kept telling myself, "I AM a strong woman and I WILL get through this rough spot."

I just wish I could tell Myra how those words have changed my outlook on recovering from my hysterectomy.  All I can do it tell her thank you and then, of course, blog about her.

So, right now I may not be able to tackle the dirty clothes pile, also known as Mount Everest.   I may not be able to pick all the toys and it does look like Toys R Us threw up in the play area and living room.  I may not be able to wash dishes but I don't have to because Superdad has been keeping it clean for me.  I may not be able to cook dinner for my family but I don't have to.  I have my family and my friends bringing over food for us.  Their generosity the past few weeks is something I may not be able to pay back but they don't care.  They love me and they are happy to be helping me during this time.

SO, yes I AM A STRONG WOMAN AND I WILL GET THROUGH THIS because I have wonderful friends like Myra who change my outlook with a few kind words.

Thank you everyone!  I couldn't be doing this without you.

Who's Myra?  Myra is my oldest friend from elementary school.  We were best friends all through school.  We were there for each other during difficult times and extremely happy times.  After high school there was some "bad" times.   Mostly my fault I'm sure.  I"ll take whatever blame comes my way to just know I have my friend back after all this time.

I want Myra to get to know me as the wonderful woman that I am and not the stupid girl from high school.  That's why I've blocked out those years.  Anyway, here's to old friends and new friendships as adults.

Wordless Wednesday


Downtown having lunch with daddy and grandma.

I answered more questions. *smile*

How do you juggle everything without becoming overwhelmed?? 

I really don't know the answer to this.  I do get overwhelmed at times.  I just take it one step at a time.  I feel better when I write things down.  It's like I can stop thinking about it once it's on paper.  Then I just scratch it off once it's done.


mop floors
empty dishwasher
put clothes up
make bread

I love a list!!!

Psst, I also take an anxiety medication.

Do you suffer from "mommy guilt"?  That guilt when you do something nice for yourself or spend time on yourself instead of the kiddos.

No, I don't.  It's more like I miss my kids terribly bad sadness.  I really don't go out if I don't take the kids.  Just ask my friends.  When I started traveling for the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol I was devastated being away from them and I cried from missing them.  Then I got over it.

I had an amazing time on my trips.  I just wish it had been possible for them to have the experiences that I did at all those amazing places.

What's your fav indulgence? Perfumes, chocolate, good books??  That one thing you splurge on and feel NO remorse whatsoever?

Oh, this one's easy.  Good perfume.  I LOVE Chanel #5.  Good make up.  I wear Clinique.  Good shoes.  I love Dansko, Sofft and Born.  COTTON YARN which I buy locally.  Books!!!!!!!  And the very occasional Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks (like 3 times a year).

You asked and I answered.

What's it like seeing your lotion commercial air on TV?

It's not aired on TV just the Internet.  It still feels good when I see a Vaseline Ad pop up on a site that I'm visiting.  I get all proud and say, "Hey, I did that!"

How do you feel when boys call the house asking for your daughter?

*cringe*  At first I would sniff around.  A crummy boy with bad intentions is calling my beautiful talented amazing daughter.  Now, I just roll my eyes and think, "An idiot boy is calling the house."  I've had to learn to let it go and let her be a teenage girl that has boys call the house.

How does it feel to finally have a laptop?

I had a laptop about 9 years ago.  A very heavy Dell.  It was my main computer before I started all this traveling.  When I married Superdad I retired the laptop because we have two desktop computers set up in our office area.  When I hurt my back it was very painful to sit in a chair and I really didn't see the point in spending money for a laptop when I knew I'd be better eventually.  Bryan Freeborn a very generous man in my town told me he had one laying around.  He brought it to my house the next day while I was resting on the couch on drugs.  That was the first time we had met and I was all teary that someone would be so kind.  Thank you Bryan!  The laptop has come in so handy while I traveled away from home and now that I am recovering from surgery.

What are some quick and easy recipes that you prepare for your family?

I think most of my recipes are quick and easy.  Meatloaf, lasagna, tuna pasta, veggies, salmon loaf, soup and anything that can be cooked in the crock pot.

Oh and one more, what's the hardest thing about blogging for you?

Finding something to blog about.  At times I feel like I'm boring everyone with my daily life and I try to mix it up some.

Thanks for Asking Supermom!

Ask Supermom!

It's been awhile since we've played Ask Supermom.  All during the year I get questions about recipes, blogging, taking care of the kids, reviews and how do I do it all??

So, now's your chance to ask anything.  Is there something you want to know about me, about my blogging, about my reviewing process, parenting advice or just want to give a shout out???

Don't be shy because I'm handing the floor over to you.

I HEART Sunbutter and Sunbutter HEARTS Supermom.

I've blogged about my love for Sunbutter several times and each time someone from Sunbutter will comment making me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Guess what?  Sunbutter posted about me!

Peanut free snacks for your sweeties.

Inspired by Michelle, that's me!!!  YAY!!  Thank you Sunbutter.

I love a toothless smile.

Sick Lil O lost another bottom tooth yesterday!  Total of lost teeth = 2

She looks pitiful!

Flowers from my Valentine:

 From Superdad

14 days without a uterus and I cannot stay focused.

I spoke to soon.

After I blogged yesterday the pain came back and then I slept all afternoon once Superdad came home from work.  I felt like such a total bum since it was Valentine's Day but I couldn't help it.  That's all I do now - sleep.

Sleep and think about puppies.

Lil O missed most of school last week and she hasn't been able to go this week.  She has the flu.  Poor thing.  She keeps a temp and just lays around all day.  So that means we both just lay on the couch all day.  When her motrin kicks in she will play for a few but them come back to the couch.

I hope she starts to feel better soon because it's sad seeing her feel so bad.  *frown*

*hours later Supermom turns on laptop to realize she never finished the post*

Lil O still feels crummy so I've made her an appointment with the doctor.

I cannot stay focused.  I brought over my agenda, paper work and reviews to work some but cannot wrap my brain around anything at the moment.

Yes, I am thinking about sleep and puppies still.  Sadly we don't have the puppy right now so I cannot snuggle up with him and take a nap on the couch.

Guess I will grab a baby and take a nap on the couch.

A lot of sleep does make you feel better.

I say this because I slept all day yesterday and I've slept all morning today and now I feel strangely better!! The pain in my right side, I've had it since the surgery, is gone.  Well, not completely gone but I'm not relying on pain meds to take the pain away.

It just makes me feel better to actually feel improvements!!  YAY!!!

I still have to remember what Doctor P told me.  Around two weeks after surgery, which will be tomorrow for me, I will feel better but I'm still not allowed to do anything because of the surgery.  Even though I may want to clean the house I cannot....


There's always taking lots of random picture to post.

I've been thinking about the puppy also.  How it would change how our house is run and all the responsibilities we would have.  I still don't have any doubts.  I think it would be good for all of us to welcome the lil guy into our home.

I can see us walking him through the neighborhood on a daily basis and then snuggled up with him for a nap on the couch.  I also see Lil O and Baby M dressing him up in play clothes.  *smile*

Anyway, we shall see.

I hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

The Supermom family is thinking about adding a pet to our family.

Let me say that I sort of, in a way, might have promised the kids we'd get a puppy this Spring/Summer.  They've been wanting one for several years and we've toyed with the idea several times.  Nothing ever happened though.  But now I'm really set on bringing home an adorable doggie to live with our family so we can spoil him rotten.

We all know I had a Yorkie obsession and really wanted one.  I've even looked at a few rescue pups but they wouldn't have fit in with the kids.  Then I had a friend suggest I look into Yorkie Poos because they would be a bigger dog and I wouldn't have to worry as much with Baby M.  Brilliant idea!!!!!   The Yorkie Poo breed is ADORABLE!

I've been doing all my research and found a breeder about three hours from our house and her dog just had a LITTER of puppies!!!!!!  There is an available male Yorkie Poo!!!

It's been exciting to think about expanding our family with everything that has been going on in the house.  It has given me something to think about since I've been stuck on my couch for 12 days.

So, we will see how this plays out.  I'm waiting for Superdad to decide if we can get him.  If we can then in 10 weeks we will have a new member in our family.

I'm excited about this.  *smile*

I shouldn't have done that. Now I know.

This morning I thought I would put on clothes, as in yoga pants and a long sleeve tee.  Which really isn't that much different than the pajamas I have been wearing.  But none the less...

So anyway, I'm working on a drug store list for Superdad of things I've run out of and such.  Then he suggests that I go to get out of the house since I've not been anywhere since my surgery.

I'm thinking, "Why not, I do have on clothes today."

I did okay on the drive and even did fine walking through the drug store to get a few things.  Then waiting in line to check out I became extremely exhausted.  The cashier forgot my coupon so she had to call a manager to give me a refund.  I would have just walked out leaving the coupon behind it but it was a $7.00 coupon and I wanted it taken off my bill.

I came home all shaky and didn't feel well at all.

I guess it wasn't a good idea to go out 11 days after surgery.

Lesson learned...the hard way.

Robert Pattinson versus Edward Cullen

I was just sitting here on the couch trying to catch up on some blog work and wanted some background noise.  It helps me concentrate and since ALL FOUR kids are in bed I turned on the tube and started watching Twilight *clearing throat* again.

I feel like such a perv as I drool all over this 24 year old boy.  I mean he's closer to my teenagers age than mine!!!!  Then I think well, he is a vampire and frozen in time and technically older than me and we all know I love an older man.  Then I feel better about it.  I can just drool over the fictional character Edward and not the real Robert Pattinson.

What fictional character do you drool over??

Two Vlogs in one week. *smile* You're worth it!

TGIF!!!! It's been a long week.

This recovery is draining all my energy I have!!! The kids have school tomorrow since they missed two days this week. Poor Superdad cannot sleep late tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me entertain you with all my posts and pictures. It has given me something to do.

Baby M & Lil O make a special appearance in this vlog. I'm laughing because thankfully you cannot see Baby M's nose running due to her cold.

I wish I could get Baby M to tell you a knock knock joke! She's our stand up comedian.

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom and Supermom Reviews.

Be sure to buy your sweetie a Valentine because it's three days away!!!! Valentine's Day is very special to us for some strange reason. Impress us. :)

See you later alligator.

PS.  I think I look like a total BABE in this video!!

Wow, I cannot keep my eyes open.

Really, I cannot!!  I've been sleeping on and off all day today.  Me and the babies have been curled up on the couch (my bed) watching their cartoons most of the day.  I'm glad they don't feel well or I wouldn't have been able to have a day like this since I didn't have any helpers today.  Superdad did come home with lunch for all of us and then went back to work.

My sister is coming over this afternoon to help.  I hate to admit but I have a list for her.  She can enlist H & B to help!  Start laundry.  Vacuum.  Dust.  Take trash out.  Give babies a bath.  That's not tooo terribly bad.  H & B can help a lot with that list.  If she has time I need her to make a drug store run for me.

I just made a cup of coffee to help keep my eyes open.

I hope it helps because the babies are more animated now and jumping all over the house.

Isn't it illegal to duct tape them or is that only if you get caught?

Trying to feel normal again after a hysterectomy.

With today being a snow day that meant there were four kids needing my attention.  It was a bit harder on me than the past few days because I spent more time on my feet than I have been.  You'd think I'd be in bed by now but I am not.  Maybe after I type this blog post.

Today to treat myself I took a bath and washed my hair.  I gave myself a manicure and pedicure.  Tomorrow I'm going to try and paint my nails if I am able to.  If not then Superdad volunteered to paint them for me.

I also plucked my eyebrows!

I almost feel like myself.  Almost.

Or maybe the pain medication is finally kicking in.

I'm very proud...

of my work with the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol.

Awesome memories.

B's hand in plaster from elementary school.

Yeah, she's cool like that.

My H is an awesome artist.  She painted this self portrait in elementary school.  It was picked for a contest at The County Fair and came in third!!!  I had it specially framed with the ribbon.

I have a thing....

For rooting avocado pits.


My flowers cheer me up every morning when I see them.


Electric Blanket

For Superdad

Happy Valentine's Day to the best man ever.  Thank you for making my life complete.  

I love you.

Day eight without a uterus.

Day EIGHT happens to be a snow day.   Yay me!

Last night I actually slept in my soft comfy warm bed with my Superdad and, of course, Baby M.  During the night Lil O jumped in as well.  I actually slept and that was good since I've been living on the couch since I came home from the hospital.  I woke up at 5 am to pain and hobbled into the kitchen to takes my meds.  This is where I noticed all this white stuff outside.  It was like a bad dream.  A very bad dream.

Not because I don't want the kids to be home because that's not it at all.  I just want them to have a summer vacation.  We are working on plans for a summer vacation!  Not to get anyone excited but it does have the word "beach" in it.

*On a side note, I didn't want to spend the day with all four of my kids.*

I'm just sayin'.  Remember I have been ordered to rest and breaking up constant bickering, kids running around crazy and them wanting me to feed them is on my "DO NOT DO" list.

*nodding head*

Then school was canceled for all the kids.  Yes, you are correct.  There are four kids in my space today.  In my I don't feel good and I'm not supposed to be doing anything space.

Know what I mean?

I thought I might get up and take some picture for your viewing pleasure.


It's not nice to talk hateful to your mom because she will get you back.


turning the dishwasher on when you get in the shower.....

*innocent grin*


It really is just a robe worn backwards.  I enjoyed a good giggle today while sitting on the couch with my robe.  I was using it for a blanket and them slipped my arms in and announced, "Look a snuggie.".

*shaking head*

Really, who the hell was sitting around and thought this idea up?  You know they are laughing all the way to the bank!

I've seen the commercials!!  They come in animal prints, school colors and even make them for kids!!!!

I don't need to go out and buy one because I can just wear my robe backwards.


Thank you Vanessa for humoring me and taking this picture while you were visiting today!

Save yourself some money people and just wear your robe backwards.  If it's good enough for me then it's good enough for you.

You had me at your white knee socks.

Have you guessed what I've done today???

Sorting out my sock drawer isn't it.

I watched more Love Boat.

Those crazy white knee socks are getting to me.  *hilarious laugh*

Every time I see Captain Stubing in them I just want to point and laugh!  *hanging head in shame*

I think I need to lay off the pain meds.

Wordless Wednesday

My beautiful sweet Baby M.

I just want to use the bathroom.

Usually you only hear this conversation when you are around men over 40 years of age.  Sadly it is something that I'm dealing with since my hysterectomy.

I haven't been able to go to the bathroom.  You know, go to the BATHROOM.....

Having the surgery and then being on pain medications has slowed things down stopped everything all together.  I had Superdad visit the drug store in hopes of a miracle cure.  The pharmacist sent him home with this red fizzy stuff for me to drink that promised results in 30 minutes to 4 hours.  They lied.

I know that some of my discomfort is because I haven't been able to go to the bathroom.  *sigh*

I just want to go to the bathroom.  So, tomorrow we try Plan B.

Dammit, I've started blogging about my bathroom visits or the lack there of.......

I want to set sail on The Love Boat.

I'm a huge Love Boat junky!!!  *hanging head in shame*

I cannot help it!  I have wonderful memories of watching The Love Boat and Fantasy Island with my papaw when I was a young girl.  Even TJ Hooker and Sledgehammer!  Those shows are awesome to me!!!!  Hmmmm, a weakness I suppose.

This morning I woke up to some Love Boat shows from Superdad!!!  How awesome is that?????  He had left them on my make shift desk beside my spot on the couch.  Thank you honey!  You are the bestest husband a girl could ever have.  But *huge smile* you are all mine!

Superdad made my day awesome with The Love Boat reruns.  The best honey, the best.

Let's all join in.  You know you want to.

Love, exciting and new 
Come Aboard. We're expecting you. 
Love, life's sweetest reward. 
Let it flow, it floats back to you. 

Love Boat soon will be making another run 
The Love Boat promises something for everyone 
Set a course for adventure, 
Your mind on a new romance. 

Love won't hurt anymore 
It's an open smile on a friendly shore. 

Love Boat soon will be making another run 
The Love Boat promises something for everyone 
Set a course for adventure, 
Your mind on a new romance. 

Love won't hurt anymore 
It's an open smile on a friendly shore. 
It's the Love Boat-ah! It's the Love Boat-ah!

Thank you Love Boat for entertaining me today!

Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions from Supermom

A lot of people dread this special day all about love.  Will he remember it's Valentines?  Should I remind him?  What if he doesn't get me a gift?  Notice I'm saying HE because a woman always remembers Valentine's Day.  It's like a wedding anniversary, we never forget those dates.

I thought I would make it easy for the guys that read this blog and the women....just leave this screen up or print it out and put it where he will see it.  You can thank me later for thinking about you and hoping you have an awesome Valentine's Day.  Let me say that it's not about how much money you spend but the thought and time you put into your gift.  A woman will know if you ran to the drug store right before heading to her house with your gift.  So put some thought into it and take some time to shop for your Valentine.

* Valentine's Card

DO NOT FORGET THE VALENTINE'S CARD!  I REPEAT, DO NOT FORGET THE VALENTINE'S DAY CARD!!!  No, you cannot just send her an ecard!  This is where you need to take some extra time and pick out the perfect card for your Valentine.

* Flowers

We love getting flowers even if they are a waste of money.  Sometimes you just have to buy flowers!!!  


Chocolate is always good but it always doesn't have to be chocolate.  What about her favorite jelly beans or favorite gummy bears?   If she doesn't like candy then how about a fruit basket of a huge cookie or one of those cookie bouquets?  

* Dinner

It doesn't have to be an expensive fancy restaurant but please don't take her to a fast food place for a burger.  Take out can even be fun!!!!  Set the table and enjoy your fave food at home.  Light some candles and watch your fave movie while snuggling on the couch.  Yes, it needs to be a chick flick.  

* Jewelry

Jewelry is fun!!!  It can be real or costume.  You don't have to break the bank for jewelry.  Keep in mind that sterling silver has come a long way and you can find some awesome pieces!  Great for a budget.  Or go to a local boutique and buy a piece that was made locally.  To me that is an awesome gift.

* Lingerie

Lingerie is a fun gift if it's not the only gift.  Men should know that they will already be getting lucky on Valentine's Day unless they totally screw something up.  So go buy her something lacy and enjoy!  I wouldn't let the lingerie be the first gift you give her, work up to it!  Trust me you will thank me for that tip.

* Balloons

Why not??   Balloons are a fun gift!!!!  

* Poetry Books

Superdad has given me some great poetry books for Valentine's Day.  We are HUGE readers in this house so books are welcomed at any time.

UGH, I hate to add this next one because I don't like getting them.  It's just my personal preference though because some may love it.

* Stuffed Animals

If you want buy her that bright red teddy bear holding a heart then go for it.  

There you have it, a few ideas for Valentine's Day.  If I've forgotten to add something then just comment below.

I'm not being paid to type this up and will not be posting brands just ideas.  *smile*

For your viewing pleasure.

A week since my hysterectomy.  Seven days without a uterus.  I'm wore out.  Didn't sleep last night.  See the dark circles/bags under my eyes.  (Well, they've been there since my surgery.)  Baby M is sick and you can hear her cough now and then.

No school today for two kids.  So now they have Saturday school.  Yay!  Not!  Such a total waste of time.


Have a nice week and thank you for visiting The Adventures of Supermom!

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Late night TV isn't good for your self esteem.

I've noticed that late night TV isn't good for your self esteem.  It's all about pants that make you look thinner, lotion to get rid of your fine lines and bras that lift your boobs.

So there I was sitting with my hand in a bag of Doritos licking my fingers when the TV is telling me I should be concerned with looking good in these pants that are made to be comfy like pajama pants.  Have you seen that infomercial?  Pretty lame if you ask me.  *shrug*  Hell, if I want to be comfy I will just wear my pajama pants and not hoochy mama skin tight pants even if they claim to be as comfy as pajama pants.  I'm just sayin'.

I won't get started on all the facial creams that are advertised to make you look younger.  We all age, it's life.  There is no miracle cream that will stop the signs of aging.  If there was one everyone would be using it.  Instead there are 100's of lotions you can buy that boast their ability to make your skin look younger and feel younger.  If I want to look younger then I will just find a good plastic surgeon in about 30 years.  There's no shame in a little nip there and a little tuck there.  *smile*

I guess I will go find something entertaining to watch on TV besides Bubble Guppies.  You know since I'm banned to only sitting on the couch.....

Thank You

Thank you for allowing me to entertain you yesterday with my boredom while I posted random pictures and then made you comment on one blog post.

I woke up couple hours ago in pain so I got up and moved to the couch.  That's where I am right now with my heating pad watching reruns of Cheers.  I guess you already knew that though.


Yesterday was a bad day for me.  I hurt more than before.  I guess I walked around too much on Sunday.  I'll try to limit my bathroom breaks from now on.  Another thing.  I'm trying to learn not to suck in my gut.  I've always been one to just suck it in at all times.  It bothers me now after my hysterectomy since I'm still healing.  I find my self all tensed up and my gut sucked in then I release those muscles and try to breath deep.  Then a few minutes will have passed and I will have my belly sucked in again.  It's just a habit and it's hard to break.  It does make me look amazing though.  Do you do that too, suck in your belly?

Might I add that taking it easy is hard word!!  Who would have thought??  Laying around on the couch all day watching crap TV or cartoons having people wait on you hand and foot....


If you are reading this post then you HAVE to comment on it!

Now, get to it!  If you have time to read then you have time to comment.


Well wishes from my Vaseline Team.

My gift...

Totally Bored after my Hysterectomy

These were given to me in Duluth from Vaseline for my part of the tour.  They have given us great gifts at each stop.  A $100.00 spa gift card, a cashmere scarf, a luxurious spa robe and then the bracelets.

I have a thing....

Totally Bored after my Hysterectomy

I have a great shell collection from our trips.   These are only a few!

Baby Supermom

Totally Bored after my Hysterectomy

An old baby picture of me on the fridge.

An unfinished project.

Totally Bored after my Hysterectomy

This is my super secret crochet project I started before Duluth.  I'm going to work more on it today.

My capes resting spot.

Totally Bored after my Hysterectomy

My cape slung over the couch.  That's the robe my mamaw gave me for the hospital trip.  I love it.

Totally Random Stuff

Totally Bored after my Hysterectomy

My comfy couch.  Body pillow ~ check.  Heating pad ~ check.  Cup of coffee ~ check.  Laptop ~ check.  Books and magazines ~ check.  Droid and house phone ~ check.

Recovering from a hysterectomy.

Recovering from a hysterectomy is harder than one would think.  Since I had a vaginal hysterectomy there are no outside wounds.  No bandages to change.  No stitches to touch or count.  No outside evidence that I just had a major surgery.

I'm very weak and very sore on the inside and my back is killing me.

It's hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I've had surgery even though there is no proof on the outside of my body.


So, I sit here on the couch.  Today will be day six.  Day six.  Only 24 more days to go.  Twenty four days of nothingness.  Just sitting on the couch or sitting on the bed.  To make things exciting I may even sit on a dining room chair.  I know I will be sitting on the potty.  *smile*

If you had twenty four days on nothingness, what would you do?

Don't be jealous....

When I woke up from my hysterectomy I was sporting a lovely pair of "Hospital's Secret" undies.

Hospital's Secret

Yeah, I had to get them off as soon as humanly possible without bringing attention to myself and most importantly to my butt. 

The last thing I wanted was a nurse helping me change my panties after having a whole surgery team staring at my vagina for the vaginal hysterectomy.  Know what I mean?

A girls got to have some privacy.

So after getting up a dozen times to go to the bathroom I thought I would make the switcheroo since I was up and there wasn't a nurse in sight.  

TA DA!!!!  

Sorry if you wanted a pair of the above panties because I already threw them in the trash.  YUCK!!  I don't want them floating around the house to find a couple years from now and have awful flashbacks of people staring at my vagina.  

Learning about myself.

It's interesting the things you learn about yourself while you are being forced to relax.  I thought I had wrapped my brain around doing NOTHING for several weeks.  I guess I was wrong.

I'm not physically able to do anything which is good because my body is making me sit on the couch or lay in my bed and rest.  My days and nights are mixed up.  Last night I dozed on and off while on my couch with my heating pad while watching Golden Girls and more Who's the Boss.

I see things around me that I want to do but I'm not able to do them.  Simple things like pick up the toys, start some laundry (I cannot go up and down stairs and since my washer and dryer are downstairs I cannot even think about it.) dust or even tidy up the kitchen.

Patience grasshopper....

Today I'm going to shower and wash my hair which will take all of my energy.  You will likely find me on the couch drooling all over myself.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Supermom's February Newsletter is up!

I posted the February newsletter today!  YAY!!!

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Let the itching begin!

All I can say is, "You didn't tell me I had to get a haircut."  Those were the exact words I spoke to my doctor before being wheeled into surgery.

I was a bit upset to lose my bush because I'm very proud of it!!!  I even have a "Save the Bush" campaign!!!!!  UGH!!!!!!  One minute it was there and in two swift motions of an electric razor it was gone.  Just like that....

All that's left is the crying itching.  Cruel I tell ya!  Cruel.


Day two without a uterus.

Today has been really nice considering I'm recovering from surgery.  My friend Anna came over this morning and stayed all day to babysit me.  It was wonderful.  She played with the babies.  She watched them so I could nap.  She helped pick up the house.  I really appreciated her help today.

I'm still very sleepy.  After sleeping most of the day yesterday I was up and down last night every couple of hours.  I watched Golden Girls, Cheers and Who's the Boss reruns.  I rather enjoyed it.  It was funny watching the Who's the Boss shows because I actually watched that show when it was airing on TV all those years ago.  I still forget how it ends.  Do Tony and Angela get married???  I could just go Google it myself and find out after typing this post up.

I'm sorry I don't have anything exciting to blog about but for once life is calm and I love it.

Supermom is home resting.

My hysterectomy is over.

I'm home resting while my family and friends take care of me.

I even signed the dry erase board in my hospital room for a picture before I left. 

Wordless Wednesday

Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol, Dog Sledding, Duluth