Twins Reunited?

Yesterday I get an email with the subject line, "twins separated at birth?".  Of course I had to open it hoping that it wasn't spam.  I hate spam but I was curious.

Turns out it wasn't spam at all.  A woman came across my blog yesterday and when she came to my picture her children said, "Hey Mom, that looks like you!" so she knew she had to contact me.  I thought it was pretty cool so I asked her to email me a picture of herself.

I was in shock when she sent her picture because WE DO look alike!!!  She even has SHORT hair like me!!!!!!!!!!  She's a couple of years younger than be so it's totally out of the question of twins being separated at birth but it's pretty cool that we favor so much.  AND SHE'S A BLOGGER!!!!!!!!  How cool is that??????

It's also funny because her name is Melissa but yet people will call her Michelle sometimes by mistake.  I'm a Michelle and I get called Melissa at times too!!!  Remember I do have a younger sister who is named Melissa.

I think is awesome that we were brought together yesterday.  We've been emailing back and forth getting to know each other better.

I have a twin, sort of in an odd way not by the same mother.  Here's the picture she saw of me and the picture she sent to me of her.


I think it's time we talked to our parents!


Anonymous said…
Wow! You too really do look alike.
diannaray said…
and you're both so cute!
RedMelD said…
@diannaray.....thanks!!! ;-)
Supermom said…
Yes, we do look alike!!!

Yes, we are totally cute!!!
TJ said…
I think one of your daddy's has some explaining to do.
Anonymous said…
oh wow! how cool is that! nice! y two really look alike. :D
well, we have Supermom, and Superdad....shall we call her SuperSister? Very cool!
Supermom said…
LOL Donna. Thank you!