Totally Random Stuff

Things that I've been told and things I've said this past week.

Spoken like a true Mommy ~ While at Grand Central Station Kailani turns to me and says, "There's the bathroom if you want to go before we leave."  

Spoken like a Mommy who's had enough ~ "If you don't stop talking I'm going to stop the van and make you walk."  Yes, I told Lil O this one morning because she had been talking non stop since her feet hit the floor when she woke up.

I was on the phone with Monica telling her about crossing off my "To Do" list before I have my surgery.  I told her I had cleaned the living room furniture the other night and now banned food and drinks in the living room.  She asks"How long will that last?"  I reply, "As long as I continue to scream at them about it."

It's snowing again in Asheville.  I hear that this big storm is coming Sunday-Tuesday.  Something like that. I may be totally crazy before Spring gets here.  You just never know about my sanity these days.  I could snap at any moment.

*gentle smile*

BTW, I've got 250 Supermom Bumper Stickers if anyone wants one, two or four!

Free to good home.


Melissa said…
Yay they look awesome! Glad you enjoy!
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