Too shy to take a shower.

After all the wonderful food, seeing the beautiful Christmas tree and seeing the breathtaking view from the Empire State Building at night I wanted to crash in my tiny hotel room with the fabulous view but I was tooo WIRED to do so.  So I grabbed my pj's and thought I'd take a nice LONG HOT shower to warm my bones and sooth my aching feet.

My Tiny Room in Soho

My tiny bedroom with the king size bed.  Really that's how big my room was.  At the end of the bed was the wardrobe, desk and a floor lamp.  That's it.  The view was worth it though!!!  OMG, the view was amazing!

So, picture if you want, I take off my clothes and jump in the shower.  I'm washing my face and lathering up my hair then I look over.  There's a mirror that shows the whole shower and I see a naked Michelle looking back at me.  I'm sure I blushed as I covered my naked body from the person looking back at me in the mirror.  STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!!!

I do not want to see myself taking a shower.  I felt all shy with the mirror there!!!  I can walk around my house in nothing, whip out a breast to nurse Baby M in public but get all shy while seeing myself taking a shower.  *smack, get over it Michelle!*

I end up just laughing at myself.  And hiding from the mirror.

My bathroom.

The mirror that made me blush.

Me standing in my bathroom taking a picture in that mirror.

HA HA!!!  Good times.

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