Today is going to be a good day because I said so! *dammit*

That about sums up my quest for today.  There will be no arguing amongst yourselves!  There will be no whining when things don't go your way!  There will be no dragging your sister on the floor by her arm!  There will be no pushing, pinching or hitting others in the house.

I will not raise my voice today to be heard!  That doesn't mean you will get away with any of the above though.  It just means you will go to your bedroom if I catch you doing anything above.

I'm tired of the constant bickering and whining in this house.  I'm tired of walking on egg shells just waiting for the next outburst when you are unhappy because   a) you cannot spend all day on the computer     b) you cannot spend all day watching TV    c) you cannot play a game system all day     d) insert all other things that make you unhappy here.

You will be happy, constantly smiling and be respectful to you mother!!!  Because I said so!!!

Got it?

Go read a book.  Work on a puzzle.  Take a nap.  How about play a game together???  *gasp*  Play together you say!!!!  I know, how dare me even suggest that!!!!

I'm going to summon the Michelle Duggar in me today and do my very best to not raise my voice at the kids.  At times it is the only time I am heard.  It's something I have to do a lot and it makes me feel like a shit parent.  Then when Superdad brings it up to me it makes me feel more of a shit parent.  Talking in a calm voice to stop dragging your sister across the floor or you'll pull her arm out of socket doesn't have the same effect as "STOP PULLING YOUR SISTER ACROSS THE FLOOR BY HER ARM!".

Know what I mean?


Today is the third snow day in a row.  I don't even think there will be school tomorrow because it's just yucky out there.  I'm enjoying having them home but but but.......I miss my quiet time during the day as well.  So, please.....sun come out and melt the snow so I can keep my sanity.

Is that asking too much???


Superdad said…
Good luck with that, sweetie.
Supermom said…
ha ha

I actually had a good day yesterday.

The not raising your voice approach may just work until I see Lil O dragging Baby M across the floor by her arm.
diannaray said…
Oh my where are you hiding in my house??!! lol, I have four kids ages 1, 5, 12 and 17- you'd think with that much age difference there'd be nothing to bicker about, but alas- they quarrel, wrestle, yell, fight, fuss, whine, complain and cry all darn fact I've nick named the baby "cry baby ray" lol....I've tried yelling, not yelling, bargaining, you name it- finally I bought earplugs, tada! they worked! lol....
Supermom said…
Dianna ~ I'm hiding where you have your coffee of course!!!!

OMGoodness, yes they can bicker over ANYTHING!!!! Your feet are on me. Stop looking at me!! I want the tv. I don't want to watch the show!!!


Earplugs!!! You're genius!!!! Thank you for the tip!!!

Thanks for commenting on The Adventures of Supermom!! Nice to see a new face around here!
Michelle :)