Things I've done today.

* Went to the grocery store at 7:30 am to buy lots of fruit and goodies for snack week at Lil O's school.

* Took Lil O to school at 8:25 am.

* Vacuumed.

* Took H to school at 10:30.

* Went shopping for Supermom's big giveaway at Supermom Reviews.  It will post tomorrow morning!

* Went shopping for yarn to make TJ a Harry Potter scarf.  

* Went downtown and had lunch with Superdad at Early Girl.  I HEART EARLY GIRL!

* Iced a cake.

* Went to school to get Lil O, H, G and B.

*Stopped at Ingle's again to get the girls snacks.  There's a sleepover going on at my house tonight.

* Bought a copy of Real Simple February 2011 Magazine because I'm in it!!!

Real Simple February 2011 Magazine

* Made homemade lasagna.

*Celebrated G's birthday with an awesome cake.

Now to crochet, answer emails and do Supermom stuff.


gypsy_jewels said…
Good job, mama! I got a lot done today, too...granted one of those things wasn't awesome as picking up a magazine that I am in - but my day will come. :)

One creative building block (and occasional mommy chore) at a time.

Cluttered Brain said…
Wow! Sounds like you've been productive!
Congrats on the REAL SIMPLE cover....
Supermom said…
Gypsy ~ Thank you. Moms are always busy. What's up with that????

Cluttered ~ I have been and I'm tired.

Thanks you two!!
Ron Burgendy said…
I took my lady to Pleasure Town.
Ricky Bobby said…
I woke up and pissed excellence.
Supermom said…

Ron & Ricky, I've missed you and all of your excellence!
Sara-Lynn said…
Damn Girl! You make me feel like a slacker for laying in bed all day on my frist real day off since early November!
Supermom said…
Sorry, a moms got to do what a moms got to do.