These shoes are made for walking.

Okay, actually these shoes aren't made for walking but they just happened to be the ones I was wearing and so they were put to good use.

After dinner Kailani and I wanted to see the city so we caught a cab and headed to Rockefeller Center.  You have to go to 30 Rock to see the amazing tree and watch the ice skaters because it's a NYC Christmas tradition.  You see this amazing tree twinkling with 30,000 LED lights and hope to get at the front of the very long line to ice skate.  Hope to get in line that is ... we did not because it was an extremely long line but that was okay because we saw the tree and was able to enjoy the experience of it all.

30 Rockefeller

Rockefeller Center New York City

Rockefeller Center New York Center

My New York City tour guide Kailani.

Michelle and Kailani

After enjoying our time at Rockefeller Center we headed to the Empire State Building.  Which will be another post because it was an extremely fun experience and deserves its own blog post.  I will leave you with one picture though.

Since I hadn't planned on site seeing after a fancy dinner I really wasn't prepared for walking but walking I did.  I walked from Rockefeller Center to the Empire State building in heels.

A = Rockefeller Center
B = Empire State Building

Shoes made for walking

Next:  The Empire State Building


kailani said…
See . . . aren't you glad I took that photo of your sandals? LOL!
KatieMay said…
Great pictures. I have been to NYC a few times but never during Christmas...hope to experience it someday soon!
Sara-Lynn said…
Going to NYC is on my bucket list! I'm so glad you enjoied your time there and girlfriend...LOVE THE SHOES!!! :)
Supermom said…
Kailani ~ Yes, of course you are always right! *smile*

WKRP ~ Thanks!!!

S-L ~ You will love it and thanks, I love my shoes too.