Supermom starts a book club.

I've posted this on Twitter and Facebook this past week and already have people reading the book and some are frantically searching for it.  I'm sorry I haven't mentioned it on the blog before now.  You still have plenty of time to get the book from the library or buy your very own special copy because we aren't going to talk about the book until the end of January.

I read a review of this book and knew that I had to read it so I had made a mental to get a copy.  It happened to be fate on how it all happened.  I had just started a book on the flight to New York City that Superdad had wanted me to read.  The woman sitting beside me noticed the book and since she had already read it she decided to tell me a bit about it.  Yeah, so it totally ruined it for me in a way.

I still had the mental note of the book in my head so I wanted to find it before leaving NYC so I would have some awesome reading material for the flight home.  While Kailani and I were at Grand Central Station I see a bookstore!  YAY!!  I end up buying their only copy of the book!!!!  I told you it was fate!

*drum roll please*

So for January, Supermom picks Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen for the first book of "Supermom's Book Club".

Supermom's Book Club  ~ January Pick

After announcing this on Facebook it came to my attention that the author lives in Asheville, North Carolina just like me.  How cool is that?????  So, I totally think it was fate to read the review about the book, buy the last copy in NYC and find out the author lives near me.

If you are interested in grabbing a copy to join in on the read then let me know.  We will be talking about this book online at the end of January!

Happy Reading.


TJ said…
No way! I'm not falling for this again. Last time you suckered me into a book, my house went to pot and the twinks were eating popcorn for dinner.
Supermom said…
Does this mean you are in Renee???

Come on TJ!!! Just one little book! You can do that the next couple of weeks.
Anonymous said…
Any hints on what the book for next month will be? Can't wait to discuss this one.
Supermom said…
Monica ~ You must be reading my mind!!!! I have two books I'm debating about.

So, let me pick one right now for February. *drum roll*

The Shadow of the Wind
By: Carlos Ruiz Zafron