Making up snow days.

This is the problem that we are facing yet again because the kids have missed a lot of school with the crazy weather just like last year.  Last year they shortened Spring Break, added on days at the end of the year and even threw in a couple of Saturdays for school.

IMPO, I'd rather then take away some teacher work days and throw in some Saturday school because that way the kids are actually making up the days instead of having a free day.

For example, they take End of Grade tests in May so why would I want them to extend the school year way into June when the kids will be watching movies and really not learning anything new because the EOG's have already been taken.  I call those "filler" days and I think they are crap.

I send my kids to school to learn instead of watch movies and waste time.

So, yes I'm one of those parents that would prefer Saturday school because I think they would actually be making up a day instead of having a "filler" day.  Same with using some teacher work days.


I'm getting tired of all this snow.  Yeah yeah, it's pretty to look at but totally screwing my kids school year up.  I'd like them to have a Spring Break and I'd actually like them to have a summer vacation.

Please no more snow!!!!!!!!