Let's Play the Caption Game

Since it's snowing and I have nothing else to do....lets play a game!!!!

What would be the best caption for this picture????  Come on now, this will be hilarious.

Dry Skin Patrol at Nathan's

This picture was taken by Wendy!  She was the guest blogger for the Polar Bear Jump.  I found out that Wendy and I are two peas in a pod.  Yes, that is a good thing!


Anna said…
Why yes, I do like a good weiner after a dip in the ocean!
Cindy said…
(sorry for the misposts... can you delete those now blank ones? My computer decided to freeze at an inopportune time)

"After heroically surviving a frigid ocean dip, Michelle froze solid with her last thought being how much she'd enjoy a bite of hot dog."
Sweetie said…
Looks like a walking advertisement for Nathan's Hotdogs to me ;-)
Monica said…
Supermom makes a porn
Supermom said…
*testing comments*

Anna ~ HA HA!! It was good.

Cindy ~ So true! It was yummy!

Sweetie ~ ohh, you should sell it to Nathan's. Don't forget my cut. :)

Monica ~ HA HA, yeah right! I think not.
Supermom said…
HA HA!! Now, those are some good comments!!!!

You guys are making me cry with laughter!