In black and white.

Today I talked to my doc about my hysterectomy while taking notes.  I wanted to know exactly what I could not do after the surgery and what I could do.  So, I'm asking her "What can I do after the surgery?"  "Nothing."  I continue, "laundry, cooking, cleaning..."  She's just shaking her head NO.  *sniff*

I'm going to go freaking banana's doing NOTHING for a MONTH.  A MONTH.  Also, no driving for two weeks and no sex for six weeks.  Sorry about that honey.  I will have to depend on you for everything.  *gulp*  Laundry, cooking, cleaning and driving.  *gulp*

*waving at my doctor because I think she comes to the blog*  While I'm in bed ranting on the Internet you should come over and bring coffee and smut magazines (LIKE PEOPLE MAGAZINE) and we can make our kids cry!  Don't forget to bring your tiny violin!!!!

Thankfully she has doubled my anxiety/depression medication starting tomorrow.  Some women go through PPD symptoms after a hysterectomy and since I already have been there done that and take a pill every day upping my medication was a brilliant idea.  WOW, this is really happening.

On a funnier note here are some random things said to me in the past two days.

Me ~ "Baby M stop climbing all over me, I'm trying to crochet."
Baby M ~ "I'm not afraid of you."
Me ~ "Of course you aren't."

Lil O ~ "Did you get a haircut today?"
Me ~ "Yes, why?"
Lil O ~ "You look scary."

Gee thanks honey.  I blame it on the wax she put in my hair after the cut.  I have washed my hair twice and cannot get it out of my hair.  Next, I'm trying dish soap to get it out.  I hope that works.