I think you have the wrong room.

This was my first New Years Eve away from Superdad since we started dating in 2002.  We were both sad about that because we got engaged our second New Years Eve together.  *sniff*

Kailani found this wonderful mexican place to eat called Dos Caminos near our hotel.  I thought the food was yummy and they even made the guacamole to order!!!  YUMMY!!  I'm about avocados mixed with onions, cilantro and lime juice!

The Dry Skin Patrol welcoming in the New Year!

New Years Eve

After our meal we headed back to the hotel because Kailani was meeting up with some of her friends from home to hit the town and I was staying in watching the ball drop on TV.  Kailani was going to stop by my room so I could see her all dressed up before she left.  This is where it gets exciting!

I've already had my shower and was in my tee and panties when I hear a knock at the door.  I look out the peek hole to see dark hair, thinking it was Kailani I swing open the door as I'm saying, "Oh, you are all dressed up".  When in fact it wasn't Kailani.

It was a girl only wearing a vest.  Only a vest I tell you!!  I saw the latest bush trend because that's how naked she was.

She must have been the "hired" help because she asked if my room was such-n-such.  My response to her was, "I really think you have the wrong room.".  Poor thing.  I felt bad for her standing there naked....at the wrong room.

I wonder if she was surprised because I probably wasn't what she was expecting as a customer.  I guess I was dressed for the party though in my tee and panties.  Things that make you go "hmmmm".

I again tell her I'm sorry that she has the wrong room as I shut and lock my hotel door.  I immediately text Kailani and update my Facebook status.  ha ha  Then I call Superdad to tell him about my visitor.

Only in New York City......

Next up:  The Polar Bear Plunge and Coney Island


Monica said…
She had prob been knocking on doors all night and you were the first one to answer... Or it could have been dirty truth or dare...lol