I didn't even mention my bush!

HA HA!!  Let me share a funny story.  After walking around New York City in heels lets just say my feet were very sore the next day.  Very sore.  Kailani was going shopping and asked if I wanted to go with her. Usually I give her a big fat NO but this time I agreed to go which totally shocked her.  I don't shop and she knows this yet she stills loves me.

She wanted hit a local hot spot Century 21, which for some reason makes me think real estate.  I'm all excited because I got my mind on a new pair of boots to sooth my aching feet and to help get around in all the SNOW, SLUSH and PUDDLES in NYC.  I looked and looked and there were no winter boots in my size!!!  How hard is it to find a 7 1/2 ?!?!  Very hard!!  Then I'm saved.  They are stocking these shelves again and he happens to have my size!!!  YAY!!  It was meant to be!!!

I even like the way they look.  What can I say, I am picky when it comes to shoes and I don't even wear boots so this was a first for me.   My boots look like these but mine have black laces.  They are so comfy that I couldn't even remember that I had walked around NYC in heels the night before.

This is where we bought souvenirs for the family and had some good laughs.  I think Kailani figured out that I didn't hate shopping all that much......  I will deny deny deny though is she brings it up again.  

Since I had on my walking boots and our arms were full of bags we took a cab to see Grand Central Station.  It was awesome.  I can check it off my "To See" list!!  

I would have loved to sit on the steps looking out at the crowd for a few hours.  *sigh*

Grand Central Station NYC

Grand Central Station NYC

Grand Central Station NYC

Grand Central Station NYC

I loved Grand Central Station and shopping with Kailani!  There, I admit it!!!

Okay, here's the funny part.

I get back to the hotel and I call my friend Monica to talk until we leave for lunch.  I'm telling her that I bought a pair of boots.  She apparently doesn't hear me because she asks in a very puzzled voice, "YOU DID WHAT TO YOUR BUSH?"   I was laughing hysterically as I told her, "I BOUGHT A PAIR OF BOOTS!!!"  We laughed and laughed over that.  I'm sure the very small hotel could hear the echo's of our laughter since she was on speaker phone.

I bet Monica was thinking all sorts of thoughts about my New York City visit!!!  The place where you go change your bush.  HA HA!!!!!

Next up we have lunch and hit Canal Street for shopping in Chinatown.


Zippy said…
I have an NYC routine. I fly in, dump my bags at the hotel and grab a cab IMMEDIATELY to Century 21 to shop. Then I head to either the Carnegie or Stage Deli's. I used to live over 3 hours away and would take the train or bus in JUST to shop there and then go home....

BTW, those are the CUTEST bush..er...boots.
Supermom said…
LOL!!! Thanks, I'm wearing them to Duluth.

I only hope my bush is as cute at the boots. Bwah ha ha ha
kailani said…
I knew there was a shopper in you! I just had to figure out a way to get her out! LOL!
Supermom said…
I don't know what you're talkin' about. *frown*
Anonymous said…
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