The Harry Potter Scarf. By Supermom

*No laughing at me!*

Who knew that making the perfect Harry Potter Scarf would be so trivial?  There are many debates on the WWW about the colors, size and even if the scarf existed in the books.  I cannot say about the books because I haven't read them.  I can even say I never noticed the scarves in the movies because I'm not a detail person soooo I actually had to Google about the scarf to find out all about it.

My friend Marian, aka Twilight Junkie - TJ, is also a Harry Pot-hard.   I am proud to say that I made her into the Twihard that she is today!  *Proud like a momma teaching her baby to walk for the first time.*

So, anyway, TJ wants a Harry Potter Scarf to go along with her obsession.  Not that there's anything wrong with that since I am going to wear my Team Edward t-shirt today.  Before buying the yarn I did my research on colors so it would be perfect for her.

People are debating on that so I just took a picture I liked from the movie and went with that.

I found the best yarn similar to those two colors to make her scarf.  There is even debate about how wide the scarf should be and how wide the stripes should be.  Some say 9 inches, some say 12 inches, some say 4 inches and some say 5 inches.  

I'm making my scarf 9 inches wide and each stripe will be about 4 inches wide.  I will make it super long because it's super long in the movie.  Here's what I have so far.  Sorry the flash takes away from the real colors of the yarns.

I think it is perfect and will be perfect for TJ!!!  I will post more pictures along with the progress.  My goal is to have this finished before my last tour date in 1 1/2 weeks.  I think I can do that with some hard dedication on my part!!!!

I may even offer these up for sale for other Harry Pot-hards.  *smile*

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TJ said…
I hope the stripes measure EXACTLY right. Otherwise, I am libel to have a full on come-a-loose! I've got my tape measure strapped to my hip..
Supermom said…
*snort* yeah whatever!!!!!!
Wow...what a great mom! Love it.
Monica Ingle said…
I would want one for myself and my daughter! We are both huge "Arry Potter fans,PIP..PIP! Keep up the good work Supermom!
Supermom said…