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Handmade Harry Potter Scarf

Harry Potter Scarf

I crocheted this scarf for my friend Marian.  It turned out awesome I believe!

I have enough yarn to crochet two more exactly like the one above to sell, if anyone is interested.


Wolf said…
I love it! How much? Can u make a hat too?
Supermom said…
I don't know. I have a hard time pricing my handmade stuff. What do you suggest??

Eh, I can only make baby hats. HA HA.
Marian said…
Thank you, Michelle! I will be buried in it. If anyone asks you to make a Slytherin scarf, charge double for those icky colors.
Supermom said…
You are very welcome!!!!

You got it! Double!
Supermom said…
My business consultant is suggesting $45.00 with free shipping. What do you think about that??? I'm asking because I really don't know. Opinions?
Marian said…
$45.00 is VERY reasonable. I bought a similar scarf at the GAP earlier this year for $35.00 and it was one color, mass produced, and not nearly as nice. So, a beautiful, handmade, two tone scarf like that could easily go for $50.00. Not to mention, the scarf was made by a busy mom of four with many other things to do besides making a scarf. Your time and labor should not be overlooked.

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