The Empire State Building

After leaving Rockefeller Center we wanted to head to the Empire State Building to see the town all lit up in the dark.  It was impossible to grab a cab for the drive so we walked, walked and walked some more.  Due to the snow, ice and slush my feet were pretty much frozen most of the way.

Before you ask why I had on heels and why did I walk in them that far know I didn't know we'd be walking after dinner.  I had only planned on dinner so of course I wanted to be all dolled up so that meant strappy heels that show off my beautiful feet!!!!  I would have bought some during the walk but it was late and the stores we passed were closed!!!  Trust me I tried to find an open place to buy some boots to finish the journey.  The one place that was open didn't have boots that would have made my life much easier.

Once we got to the Empire State Building we were able to pass 100's of people in line waiting for a regular ticket to purchase a fast pass ticket.  You want the fast pass ticket!!!  Trust me, it is worth paying the extra money.  The fast pass allowed Kailani and I to walk by 100's of people in line, get bumped up ahead of people for elevators and even allowed us to make a speedy exit while 100's of people waited in line to get the elevator to leave the Empire State Building.  Just think of it like a Disney ride.  You pay a bit more without the fuss of waiting in lots of long lines.  BINGO!!!!!

At the top of the Empire State Building the view was breathtaking.  Absolutely breathtaking!

Me at the Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

View from Empire State Building

View from Empire State Building

Told you it was breathtaking.  I'm so glad we went at night to see the Big Apple all lit up!!!!!

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Amy T. said…
GORGEOUS photos. The Empire State Building is so romantic... I just love that period of architecture and would love to visit NYC someday.
Supermom said…
It was amazing!!!!!! I want to go back because I only touched a small fraction of the things I wanted to do!