The Dry Skin Patrol rescues dry skin at the Polar Bear Plunge!

Did you know that the majority of women (54%) have had more bad skin days than good?

I find that sad for all those women because I have been there.  I've suffered from dry skin for longer than I care to admit.  I've been itchy and scratched until I brought blood because of my dry skin.  I've lathered up in some sticky lotion that left me feeling icky and made me just want to take a bath to get that lotion off of my skin.  Until now.

I don't have anymore bad skin days thanks to Vaseline Intensive Rescue.  My skin held up for a cold marathon in Philly. My skin held up in dry cold weather of Aspen.  And now my skin has held up to freezing cold water for the Polar Bear Plunge in New York.

We were able to join the Polar Bear Club for their New Years Day jump into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean.  If that isn't putting your skin to the test then I don't know what is!!!

Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge 2011

Dr. Jessica Wu trying her best to show me how to stand so I look thinner in that wetsuit!  HA HA!!  I just couldn't get it right!!

Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge 2011

For fun we built another member for the Dry Skin Patrol!

Polar Bear Plunge 2011, Coney Island, NY

My all time favorite picture!!!!!!!!  This was our second time coming out of the water.  I'm so glad that Wendy was able to capture this picture!!  It's awesome!!!

Polar Bear Plunge 2011, Coney Island, NY

I'm going to frame this baby!!!!!!  I'm allowed bragging rights!!!

I just know that we rescued lots of dry skin at the plunge!!!!  Thank you Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion for rescuing my dry skin!

**I have been compensated by Unilever for my time to travel on the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol Tour.  However, the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**


Mary said…
Brrrrr... You are one tough, mama. I'd definitely say you earned yourself some bragging rights! Congrats on surviving that cold water, you and your skin. :)
Monica said…
The only way you will catch me in that cold water is if someone id drowning and If its my ex I might let him go under a time or 2
Supermom said…
Thanks Mary!!!

Monica ~ HA HA HA HA!!!