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Day Two in Duluth with the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol

This weekend the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol was in Duluth, Minnesota for the John Beargrease Dog Sled Marathon.  We were rescuing dry skin in the most extreme weather!  Duluth isn't the warmest place to visit at the end of January.  That was my biggest concern, freezing to death.  I knew my skin would be protected because of Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion so that left me to worry about the temps.

See for yourself.

Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol, Dog Sledding, Duluth
This is a view from my room of Lake Superior....frozen.

Yep, frozen.  There was so much snow that even my balcony had about 7 inches on it!

We arrived to town on Thursday so we could unpack and unwind for the big weekend.  We were able to walk around downtown Duluth checking out the local restaurants and gift shops.  It was very relaxing!  It prepared us for the crazy weather on Friday.  We made the journey to John Stetson's house in the middle of nowhere for a dog sledding lesson and to meet the dogs.  John Stetson is a legend in Duluth for his dog sledding.  He's a top notch musher!  I was really excited to meet him after learning all this dog sledding history that was all around him.

Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol, Dog Sledding, Duluth
Part of the ride on Friday to John's house.

Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol, Dog Sledding, Duluth
Yes, we were in a white out there for a bit.

We were all bundled up meeting the dogs and learning the ropes of dog sledding.  This is where I started to get nervous.  I mean, come on, I'm going to stand on ski looking sticks while holding onto a basket with very fast dogs running all over the place.  That's enough to make anyone nervous!  Right?

At least my skin look fabulous, right?

The Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol in Duluth!

This is me getting ready to take my team out for a ride.  My lead dog was Cilantro.  It was the most amazing experience.  Thank you Vaseline!!!

Go Team Vaseline!!

The Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol at the Polar Bear Plunge.

We rescued lots of dry skin on New Years Day!  What a way to start 2011!!!

Go Team Vaseline!!!

Good morning from Duluth.

Duluth ~ January 2011

I'm so glad that I have protected my skin with Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion before heading out in the freezing temps this morning.

It's not nice to make Supermom cry.

FedEx just left my house.  I opened a box thinking it was a review product, but no it was a gift for me.  

Thirty Two pieces of chocolate heaven all for me.  So, after surgery when I'm resting in bed and I gain 10 pounds I know who to blame.  Thank you so much for making my day TJ!!!  I'm so glad we are friends.

Go Team Edward and Team Jane!

I'm packed for Duluth.

Well, duh!!!  You know my suitcase is packed by now!!!!  I do leave in two days for Duluth with the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol so we can rescue dry skin!    All I have to do is add my bathroom goodies and my make-up!!!  Then I will add my books, camera, ipod and laptop to my carry on bag that Superdad gave me as an early Christmas present.

In my love with my Vera Bradley rolling carry on bag!!!  Really, I would carry it everywhere it if wasn't a small suitcase!!!!  I'd look funny rolling it around Earth Fare doing my grocery shopping!  Trust me, I have thought about it.  So, I'm packed and ready.  I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the extremely cold weather in Duluth at the end of January.  I've packed clothes to layer, wool socks, gloves and my scarf.  Luckily we have some awesome Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol winter gear to keep us warm for the event!!  They have taken wonderful care of us!!!!  

Go Team Vaseline!

Supermom practices for the Oscars!

Supermom is gearing up for the Oscars by practicing her speech.  Thankfully it was tucked in her bra when they called her name.

She thanks everyone that is special to her, including God.  Isn't that what they do at the Oscars?

Supermom Cooks

I have a guilty pleasure besides peanut butter cups!  It's an expensive guilty pleasure.  It's called Vosges Barcelona Bar.

This chocolate bar is like heaven in your mouth.  Really it is.

I thought I would try to make my own version on the Barcelona Bar.   It turned out YUMMY the first try.  I want to change a few things my next batch, add less dark chocolate and add more sea salt.  

I was able to make the equivalent of four candy bars for around $10.00.

I melted a bag of organic sweet chocolate and four squares of organic dark chocolate in a double boiler.  Sprinkled in just a teaspoon of organic raw sugar.  I took it off the heat and added the organic almonds, chopped into very small pieces.  I lined a cookie sheet with wax paper before hand so I poured the mixture onto the wax paper and used the spatula to spread it out to be very thin.  Then I sprinkled big granules of sea salt all around the mixture.  Then set in the fridge to harden.

Once hardened I peeled off the wax paper and broke into pieces and sealed in a plastic bowl.

My chocolate is so YUMMY!!!!

Just in case you didn't know, when I put my mind to something I can do it.  Just ask Superdad.

Supermom's Book Club ~ February Pick

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

This is the book I had started on the airplane when the woman started to tell me about it.  Superdad said it still worth a read so I'm going to give it a shot.

Here's a bit more information on the book.

Guess what I just bought????????

*happy dance*


Yay!!!!!!!!!!!  How cool is that???  I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.

I was practically skipping down the feminine hygiene aisle at Target earlier this morning!!!!  *skip skip*

I also picked up two more books for Supermom's Book Club.

I will go ahead and post February's book in a few so you can be hitting your local library to check it out or buy your own copy!  The members have decided that having our discussion on Supermom's Fan Page will be the easiest.  Now for us to pick a day then we will be set to talk about Water for Elephants.

Okay, I'm off to lovingly stare at my last tampon box.

Handmade Harry Potter Scarf

Harry Potter Scarf

I crocheted this scarf for my friend Marian.  It turned out awesome I believe!

I have enough yarn to crochet two more exactly like the one above to sell, if anyone is interested.

Jewels that Dance. Asheville, North Carolina

I filmed this back in December and just now saw it!!!!

We love Jewels that Dance!!!  Make sure you stop by for a visit.

I'm not proud of it!

Bribing kids, you do what works!!!!!  I'm all for bribing.  You want that?  Then stay on the A honor roll.  You want that?  Then keep your room clean.  You want that?  Unload the dishwasher for a week.

As a parent you learn what will work for you and what will not work to your advantage.

I hate unloading the dishwasher so I usually pawn it off on a kid.  Don't judge me.  Kids need chores anyway so why not give them something I detest doing?!?!?  Dusting.  Swiffering.  Unloading the dishwasher.  Taking the trash out.  Things like that.  I do so much as it is for my family that it doesn't hurt sharing some of the load.

Today I had a phone conference at 3:00 to discuss dog sledding in Duluth.  I usually pick O up from school at 2:45.  No joke, I literally had five minutes to get ready for the call when we got back home.  I turned the coffee pot on and grabbed the bag of lollipops to bribe the kids for some quiet time.  (They were organic lollipops to ease my guilty conscience.)  I proceeded to stop the coffee pot and pour what coffee that had been brewed into my mug and rushed into the living room to my laptop and paperwork waiting for me.

Being a mom means never having a moment to yourself even for a phone conference.  The people on the line never knew I wiped a poopy butt on a kid.  The people on the line didn't hear my kids crunching their lollipops.  You know it's much tastier to just eat the lollipops instead of suck them.  It's like nails on a chalkboard hearing all that crunching.

Best of all the people on the line didn't see me wearing my pajamas with some funky bedhead.  Before picking up Lil O at school I snuggled with Baby M on the couch and we took a nap.  To make it worse I woke up in a puddle of drool to my alarm clock telling me it was time to get Lil O from school.

How am I typing up this blog post you ask?  UPS just left some goodies at my house.  One box had wooden toy blocks in it for the kids.  I opened them up so I could get a few minutes to sit down.  At least I didn't have to offer them another lollipop.

Dog Sledding in Duluth with the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol. I'm getting excited.

In seven days I will have started my journey to Duluth for the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon with the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol.  It's exciting!!!!!!!!!  How many people can say that they've been to Duluth for dog sledding??????  

Today I brought my suitcase upstairs to add my clothes to it because they were in a pile in the bedroom!  I started gathering my things yesterday to make sure I didn't forget anything.  Thermal Underwear ~ check.  Wool Socks ~ check.  Winter Snow Boots ~ check.  Lots of clothes to layer for warmth ~ check.  

The Dry Skin Patrol will be putting our skin to the test in Duluths frigid cold weather.  I cannot wait to rescue Duluth from their dry skin with Vaseline!  Go Team Vaseline!!

Don't forget you can follow the tour on The Official Vaseline Facebook Page!  There's video footage and pictures from each tour stop.  I also have some pictures posted on Flickr from tour stops as well.  Enjoy!

Twins Reunited?

Yesterday I get an email with the subject line, "twins separated at birth?".  Of course I had to open it hoping that it wasn't spam.  I hate spam but I was curious.

Turns out it wasn't spam at all.  A woman came across my blog yesterday and when she came to my picture her children said, "Hey Mom, that looks like you!" so she knew she had to contact me.  I thought it was pretty cool so I asked her to email me a picture of herself.

I was in shock when she sent her picture because WE DO look alike!!!  She even has SHORT hair like me!!!!!!!!!!  She's a couple of years younger than be so it's totally out of the question of twins being separated at birth but it's pretty cool that we favor so much.  AND SHE'S A BLOGGER!!!!!!!!  How cool is that??????

It's also funny because her name is Melissa but yet people will call her Michelle sometimes by mistake.  I'm a Michelle and I get called Melissa at times too!!!  Remember I do have a younger sister who is named Melissa.

I think is awesome that we were brought together yesterday.  We've been emailing back and forth getting to know each other better.

I have a twin, sort of in an odd way not by the same mother.  Here's the picture she saw of me and the picture she sent to me of her.


I think it's time we talked to our parents!

In black and white.

Today I talked to my doc about my hysterectomy while taking notes.  I wanted to know exactly what I could not do after the surgery and what I could do.  So, I'm asking her "What can I do after the surgery?"  "Nothing."  I continue, "laundry, cooking, cleaning..."  She's just shaking her head NO.  *sniff*

I'm going to go freaking banana's doing NOTHING for a MONTH.  A MONTH.  Also, no driving for two weeks and no sex for six weeks.  Sorry about that honey.  I will have to depend on you for everything.  *gulp*  Laundry, cooking, cleaning and driving.  *gulp*

*waving at my doctor because I think she comes to the blog*  While I'm in bed ranting on the Internet you should come over and bring coffee and smut magazines (LIKE PEOPLE MAGAZINE) and we can make our kids cry!  Don't forget to bring your tiny violin!!!!

Thankfully she has doubled my anxiety/depression medication starting tomorrow.  Some women go through PPD symptoms after a hysterectomy and since I already have been there done that and take a pill every day upping my medication was a brilliant idea.  WOW, this is really happening.

On a funnier note here are some random things said to me in the past two days.

Me ~ "Baby M stop climbing all over me, I'm trying to crochet."
Baby M ~ "I'm not afraid of you."
Me ~ "Of course you aren't."

Lil O ~ "Did you get a haircut today?"
Me ~ "Yes, why?"
Lil O ~ "You look scary."

Gee thanks honey.  I blame it on the wax she put in my hair after the cut.  I have washed my hair twice and cannot get it out of my hair.  Next, I'm trying dish soap to get it out.  I hope that works.

WOOT WOOT!!!! Another Vlog!!!

I'm sick of snow and if I see another flake I'm going to pull my hair out.

I went and got a super cute short haircut today!  Then I went for my pre-op for my hysterectomy.  Two weeks I will have this over with and recovering!!!

Go enter the Guess Handbag giveaway on Supermom Reviews.

Duluth here I come!!!!!!!  Go Team Vaseline ! ! ! ! !

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom.

Today is my pre-op with the bestest doctor ever!

Today is the day.  The day I see my doc for my pre-op before my hysterectomy.  Yes, I'm still going through with it because I know it's best for my health.  Who knows what the future will hold for us but whatever it is, I know it will be fabulous because we already have so many blessings.

I know I will have to mourn the loss of not having another baby with my Superdad or giving the kids another sibling but I will be allowed that.  Anyway.....  I'm so lucky that I have an amazing doctor to share my feelings with and a doctor that has been there for me over the years.  She delivered my Baby M so I totally trust her with my surgery and I know she will take excellent care of me.

I'd like to take the time to thank every single person that commented, emailed and texted their kind words of encouragement last week.  It has meant so much to me for you to reach out to me in my time of need.  Thank you.


Without you, I'd just be talking to myself.


The Harry Potter Scarf. By Supermom

*No laughing at me!*

Who knew that making the perfect Harry Potter Scarf would be so trivial?  There are many debates on the WWW about the colors, size and even if the scarf existed in the books.  I cannot say about the books because I haven't read them.  I can even say I never noticed the scarves in the movies because I'm not a detail person soooo I actually had to Google about the scarf to find out all about it.

My friend Marian, aka Twilight Junkie - TJ, is also a Harry Pot-hard.   I am proud to say that I made her into the Twihard that she is today!  *Proud like a momma teaching her baby to walk for the first time.*

So, anyway, TJ wants a Harry Potter Scarf to go along with her obsession.  Not that there's anything wrong with that since I am going to wear my Team Edward t-shirt today.  Before buying the yarn I did my research on colors so it would be perfect for her.

People are debating on that so I just took a picture I liked from the movie and went with that.

I found the best yarn similar to those two colors to make her scarf.  There is even debate about how wide the scarf should be and how wide the stripes should be.  Some say 9 inches, some say 12 inches, some say 4 inches and some say 5 inches.  

I'm making my scarf 9 inches wide and each stripe will be about 4 inches wide.  I will make it super long because it's super long in the movie.  Here's what I have so far.  Sorry the flash takes away from the real colors of the yarns.

I think it is perfect and will be perfect for TJ!!!  I will post more pictures along with the progress.  My goal is to have this finished before my last tour date in 1 1/2 weeks.  I think I can do that with some hard dedication on my part!!!!

I may even offer these up for sale for other Harry Pot-hards.  *smile*

PS.  Make sure you enter on Supermom Reviews to win the Guess Handbag from Supermom.

Making up snow days.

This is the problem that we are facing yet again because the kids have missed a lot of school with the crazy weather just like last year.  Last year they shortened Spring Break, added on days at the end of the year and even threw in a couple of Saturdays for school.

IMPO, I'd rather then take away some teacher work days and throw in some Saturday school because that way the kids are actually making up the days instead of having a free day.

For example, they take End of Grade tests in May so why would I want them to extend the school year way into June when the kids will be watching movies and really not learning anything new because the EOG's have already been taken.  I call those "filler" days and I think they are crap.

I send my kids to school to learn instead of watch movies and waste time.

So, yes I'm one of those parents that would prefer Saturday school because I think they would actually be making up a day instead of having a "filler" day.  Same with using some teacher work days.


I'm getting tired of all this snow.  Yeah yeah, it's pretty to look at but totally screwing my kids school year up.  I'd like them to have a Spring Break and I'd actually like them to have a summer vacation.

Please no more snow!!!!!!!!

Things I've done today.

* Went to the grocery store at 7:30 am to buy lots of fruit and goodies for snack week at Lil O's school.

* Took Lil O to school at 8:25 am.

* Vacuumed.

* Took H to school at 10:30.

* Went shopping for Supermom's big giveaway at Supermom Reviews.  It will post tomorrow morning!

* Went shopping for yarn to make TJ a Harry Potter scarf.  

* Went downtown and had lunch with Superdad at Early Girl.  I HEART EARLY GIRL!

* Iced a cake.

* Went to school to get Lil O, H, G and B.

*Stopped at Ingle's again to get the girls snacks.  There's a sleepover going on at my house tonight.

* Bought a copy of Real Simple February 2011 Magazine because I'm in it!!!

Real Simple February 2011 Magazine

* Made homemade lasagna.

*Celebrated G's birthday with an awesome cake.

Now to crochet, answer emails and do Supermom stuff.

What if I regret it for the rest of my life?

*I'm sorry Superdad because some of this you haven't heard..until now.**

I've been afraid to admit my true feelings online and in real life about how I feel.  I can remember when I first admitted it out loud to my friend TJ over pizza one night when she was in town.  I kind of shocked myself in how easy I spoke the words.

I remember telling TJ, "I'm afraid I will start to hate Superdad down the road for not having another baby after my hysterectomy."    She told me to tell him that.  I wasn't able to.  I told him I wanted another baby and he did not so what else was there for me to do?

Okay, hate is such a strong word.  How about regret it for the rest of my life?  Okay, that sounds bad too but it is the truth.  I think it is about time to be honest with my feelings.  I've been denying them for months about this surgery.  I thought at first since the surgery date was changed that it was a sign that I wasn't done having babies.  I was thrilled at the thought of still having a chance to get pregnant again.  I was hanging onto hope very tightly.

I even told Superdad that we should try for one more baby then I could get the hysterectomy.  I scared him to death with that option.  Yeah yeah, I know money is an option.  Superdad's work hasn't been good for a couple of years and we have been going through our savings to stay afloat.  I just don't want money to stop us from another baby.  I also don't want age to stop us.  I'll be 37 in May and Superdad will be another year older in June.  He's eleven years older than me so you do the math.

My surgery is 2 1/2 weeks away and I know it will change my life forever.

I'm scared.

Very scared.

I want the surgery because I'm tired of being sick all the time and I'm tired of awful periods and I'm tired of being in pain.  My uterus isn't a happy uterus.

Then I'm afraid of going into a deep depression because then I know I will never be able to get pregnant ever again.

I look at all four of my healthy kids and I know I'm blessed beyond words.  I love each of my children will all of my heart.  They have blessed my life in more ways than I can express with words or emotions.    Their laughs, their smiles, their love....  It's an amazing gift.  Being a Mom.

Being the one that makes it all better.  Being the one they always come to.  Being the one that will disappoint them at times.  Being the one they hate for telling them "no" and making their life miserable.  I know that when they get older they will appreciate all the things I've done for them.  They will appreciate me more when they have kids of their own and they see what they put me through.


So, there you have it.   I don't know what to do from here.  I'm lost and confused.  I'm angry and sad.  I'm all a mess and I feel hopeless.

How do I make myself feel better and get through this pain of confusion?

Today is going to be a good day because I said so! *dammit*

That about sums up my quest for today.  There will be no arguing amongst yourselves!  There will be no whining when things don't go your way!  There will be no dragging your sister on the floor by her arm!  There will be no pushing, pinching or hitting others in the house.

I will not raise my voice today to be heard!  That doesn't mean you will get away with any of the above though.  It just means you will go to your bedroom if I catch you doing anything above.

I'm tired of the constant bickering and whining in this house.  I'm tired of walking on egg shells just waiting for the next outburst when you are unhappy because   a) you cannot spend all day on the computer     b) you cannot spend all day watching TV    c) you cannot play a game system all day     d) insert all other things that make you unhappy here.

You will be happy, constantly smiling and be respectful to you mother!!!  Because I said so!!!

Got it?

Go read a book.  Work on a puzzle.  Take a nap.  How about play a game together???  *gasp*  Play together you say!!!!  I know, how dare me even suggest that!!!!

I'm going to summon the Michelle Duggar in me today and do my very best to not raise my voice at the kids.  At times it is the only time I am heard.  It's something I have to do a lot and it makes me feel like a shit parent.  Then when Superdad brings it up to me it makes me feel more of a shit parent.  Talking in a calm voice to stop dragging your sister across the floor or you'll pull her arm out of socket doesn't have the same effect as "STOP PULLING YOUR SISTER ACROSS THE FLOOR BY HER ARM!".

Know what I mean?


Today is the third snow day in a row.  I don't even think there will be school tomorrow because it's just yucky out there.  I'm enjoying having them home but but but.......I miss my quiet time during the day as well.  So, please.....sun come out and melt the snow so I can keep my sanity.

Is that asking too much???

Wordless Wednesday

View from hotel room

New York City, the view from my room

The view from my SoHo hotel during the day and during the night.

Join the MISSION!! Gerber is partnering with Rachael Ray’s Yum-o! nonprofit organization to give the gift of nutrition to families in need.

As part of our commitment to nourish a healthier generation, Gerber is partnering with Rachael Ray’s Yum-o! nonprofit organization (www.yum-o.org) to ask America to join in our mission to give the gift of nutrition to families in need.

Gerber will donate $1, up to $500,000, to the Yum-o! nonprofit organization for every “Like” on our Facebook page by January 15, 2011.

Through Yum-o!’s partners, these dollars will help families have access to nutritious food.

What are you waiting for???  Go "LIKE" Gerber's Facebook page!!!

Who do I make this to?

I was looking forward to the Polar Bear Plunge!  I've always thought those people were CrAzY to be jumping in cold water and now I was joining their club!!!!  It really was exciting.  Since New York had snow dumped on them over Christmas it was still everywhere!!!  It's odd seeing a beach covered in snow.   I can honestly say I've never seen snow on a beach before.

Coney Island.

Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge 2011

Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge 2011

Polar Bear Plunge Coney Island 2011
(I think this photo belongs to Kari)

Of course you have to build a snowman while on a beach!  Doesn't everyone?

Polar Bear Plunge 2011, Coney Island, NY

Signing an autograph....no not really but it's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Right Wendy??

Polar Bear Plunge 2011, Coney Island, NY

Under the Polar Bear Plunge sign.  I stole this picture off the Huffington Post.  They even did a story about us doing the plunge!!!!!!

Polar Bear Plunge Coney Island 2011

After the plunge we went to Nathan's for a hot dog!!  It was YUMMY!!!

Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge 2011

What a way to spend New Years day!  Jumping in the Atlantic Ocean and eating a famous hot dog!!!!  Does that mean I will be doing this every day for the rest of the year????

Let's Play the Caption Game

Since it's snowing and I have nothing else to do....lets play a game!!!!

What would be the best caption for this picture????  Come on now, this will be hilarious.

Dry Skin Patrol at Nathan's

This picture was taken by Wendy!  She was the guest blogger for the Polar Bear Jump.  I found out that Wendy and I are two peas in a pod.  Yes, that is a good thing!

Out my window just now...

More to come.

I think you have the wrong room.

This was my first New Years Eve away from Superdad since we started dating in 2002.  We were both sad about that because we got engaged our second New Years Eve together.  *sniff*

Kailani found this wonderful mexican place to eat called Dos Caminos near our hotel.  I thought the food was yummy and they even made the guacamole to order!!!  YUMMY!!  I'm about avocados mixed with onions, cilantro and lime juice!

The Dry Skin Patrol welcoming in the New Year!

New Years Eve

After our meal we headed back to the hotel because Kailani was meeting up with some of her friends from home to hit the town and I was staying in watching the ball drop on TV.  Kailani was going to stop by my room so I could see her all dressed up before she left.  This is where it gets exciting!

I've already had my shower and was in my tee and panties when I hear a knock at the door.  I look out the peek hole to see dark hair, thinking it was Kailani I swing open the door as I'm saying, "Oh, you are all dressed up".  When in fact it wasn't Kailani.

It was a girl only wearing a vest.  Only a vest I tell you!!  I saw the latest bush trend because that's how naked she was.

She must have been the "hired" help because she asked if my room was such-n-such.  My response to her was, "I really think you have the wrong room.".  Poor thing.  I felt bad for her standing there naked....at the wrong room.

I wonder if she was surprised because I probably wasn't what she was expecting as a customer.  I guess I was dressed for the party though in my tee and panties.  Things that make you go "hmmmm".

I again tell her I'm sorry that she has the wrong room as I shut and lock my hotel door.  I immediately text Kailani and update my Facebook status.  ha ha  Then I call Superdad to tell him about my visitor.

Only in New York City......

Next up:  The Polar Bear Plunge and Coney Island

We had lunch then I got scared.

After a wonderful morning shopping and seeing Grand Central Station we were meeting up with some our people, Dina and Glen, to talk about the plan for Coney Island.  We had lunch at The Standard Grill.  It was yummy!!!!

Taken at The Standard Grill.  Photo Credit given to Kari.

The floor was covered in pennies and it had one huge bathroom for boys and girls!  A coed bathroom!!  I thought it was pretty cool.  Girls go to the left and boys go to the right and you share a sink area.  I didn't realize this until I was washing my hands and a man came up beside me to wash his hands.

I felt like Joey saying, "How you doin'?"

Okay, so lunch was nice!  Then the other ladies wanted to hit Canal Street for some purse shopping.  Their excitement was beyond me but I was going with the flow.  Really, I just didn't see the fascination of shopping for a fake purse.  *gentle smile*

Canal Street was interesting to say the least.  Pushy people trying to sell you a fake Rolex and a Gucci Bag everywhere.  E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.  Kailani and Kari were hoping to strike it big buy finding a little Asian woman whispering, "Prada, Gucci, Coach and Chanel?"  I was just hoping to make it back to the hotel alive.

Their wish came true.  The little Asian woman made a call on her cell and took us for a little stroll.  Like BLOCKS away from Canal Street.  In the mean time I'm texting Superdad that I love him.  I was about to snap a picture with the caption, "Last seen wearing" but I didn't want to worry him.  He found it rather amusing because he told me to stay away from any opium dens.  I would have rather preferred that than purse shopping.  I'm just sayin'.

So, once we've walked blocks away from the crowd she tells us to cross the street to a little shop with a man holding the door open.  I about died!!!!  I kept thinking, "I don't want to be sold as a sex slave!!!"   But I go to protect my girls!!  My cell constantly in my hand if I needed to make a quick 911 help call.  A girl can never be to safe.  Right?

We enter a "fake" store front with I HEART NYC tees hanging all over.  Then a shelf is moved and a secret door opens.  Really I'm about to lose it.  We enter the door and I see a LOCK on the door.  I'm totally freaked out.  Then we walk down a little hallway into a small room with all these purses hanging everywhere.  There were Prada, Chanel, Gucci, D & B, Coach and many more.  A purse lovers dream I guess.  As you can tell I'm not one of those purse lovers.

Kailani and Kari were in fake purse heaven!!!!

I eased up a bit and looked around but didn't buy anything.  I just didn't see the point of spending $60.00 for a fake purse.  I didn't see paying $60.00 for the NYC Canal Street experience either.  *smile*

So the girls do their shopping and we leave the hidden back room and look around in the "fake" store front.  Then another Asian woman rushes us out on the street, Kari is half dressed from trying on a sweatshirt, and to our surprise there is a cop car outside.  OH GREAT!!  Let's just get arrested while being in a back room buying fake purses.  I can see us calling the agency to come bail us out of jail!!!

There you have it.  Shopping on Canal Street for a purse.  An experience I could have done without but at least it gave me great blogging material.

Next up:  New Years Eve dinner and the naked girl that shows up at my room.

Supermom starts a book club.

I've posted this on Twitter and Facebook this past week and already have people reading the book and some are frantically searching for it.  I'm sorry I haven't mentioned it on the blog before now.  You still have plenty of time to get the book from the library or buy your very own special copy because we aren't going to talk about the book until the end of January.

I read a review of this book and knew that I had to read it so I had made a mental to get a copy.  It happened to be fate on how it all happened.  I had just started a book on the flight to New York City that Superdad had wanted me to read.  The woman sitting beside me noticed the book and since she had already read it she decided to tell me a bit about it.  Yeah, so it totally ruined it for me in a way.

I still had the mental note of the book in my head so I wanted to find it before leaving NYC so I would have some awesome reading material for the flight home.  While Kailani and I were at Grand Central Station I see a bookstore!  YAY!!  I end up buying their only copy of the book!!!!  I told you it was fate!

*drum roll please*

So for January, Supermom picks Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen for the first book of "Supermom's Book Club".

Supermom's Book Club  ~ January Pick

After announcing this on Facebook it came to my attention that the author lives in Asheville, North Carolina just like me.  How cool is that?????  So, I totally think it was fate to read the review about the book, buy the last copy in NYC and find out the author lives near me.

If you are interested in grabbing a copy to join in on the read then let me know.  We will be talking about this book online at the end of January!

Happy Reading.

I didn't even mention my bush!

HA HA!!  Let me share a funny story.  After walking around New York City in heels lets just say my feet were very sore the next day.  Very sore.  Kailani was going shopping and asked if I wanted to go with her. Usually I give her a big fat NO but this time I agreed to go which totally shocked her.  I don't shop and she knows this yet she stills loves me.

She wanted hit a local hot spot Century 21, which for some reason makes me think real estate.  I'm all excited because I got my mind on a new pair of boots to sooth my aching feet and to help get around in all the SNOW, SLUSH and PUDDLES in NYC.  I looked and looked and there were no winter boots in my size!!!  How hard is it to find a 7 1/2 ?!?!  Very hard!!  Then I'm saved.  They are stocking these shelves again and he happens to have my size!!!  YAY!!  It was meant to be!!!

I even like the way they look.  What can I say, I am picky when it comes to shoes and I don't even wear boots so this was a first for me.   My boots look like these but mine have black laces.  They are so comfy that I couldn't even remember that I had walked around NYC in heels the night before.

This is where we bought souvenirs for the family and had some good laughs.  I think Kailani figured out that I didn't hate shopping all that much......  I will deny deny deny though is she brings it up again.  

Since I had on my walking boots and our arms were full of bags we took a cab to see Grand Central Station.  It was awesome.  I can check it off my "To See" list!!  

I would have loved to sit on the steps looking out at the crowd for a few hours.  *sigh*

Grand Central Station NYC

Grand Central Station NYC

Grand Central Station NYC

Grand Central Station NYC

I loved Grand Central Station and shopping with Kailani!  There, I admit it!!!

Okay, here's the funny part.

I get back to the hotel and I call my friend Monica to talk until we leave for lunch.  I'm telling her that I bought a pair of boots.  She apparently doesn't hear me because she asks in a very puzzled voice, "YOU DID WHAT TO YOUR BUSH?"   I was laughing hysterically as I told her, "I BOUGHT A PAIR OF BOOTS!!!"  We laughed and laughed over that.  I'm sure the very small hotel could hear the echo's of our laughter since she was on speaker phone.

I bet Monica was thinking all sorts of thoughts about my New York City visit!!!  The place where you go change your bush.  HA HA!!!!!

Next up we have lunch and hit Canal Street for shopping in Chinatown.

Totally Random Stuff

Things that I've been told and things I've said this past week.

Spoken like a true Mommy ~ While at Grand Central Station Kailani turns to me and says, "There's the bathroom if you want to go before we leave."  

Spoken like a Mommy who's had enough ~ "If you don't stop talking I'm going to stop the van and make you walk."  Yes, I told Lil O this one morning because she had been talking non stop since her feet hit the floor when she woke up.

I was on the phone with Monica telling her about crossing off my "To Do" list before I have my surgery.  I told her I had cleaned the living room furniture the other night and now banned food and drinks in the living room.  She asks"How long will that last?"  I reply, "As long as I continue to scream at them about it."

It's snowing again in Asheville.  I hear that this big storm is coming Sunday-Tuesday.  Something like that. I may be totally crazy before Spring gets here.  You just never know about my sanity these days.  I could snap at any moment.

*gentle smile*

BTW, I've got 250 Supermom Bumper Stickers if anyone wants one, two or four!

Free to good home.