Week in Review.

If I have to watch the Wiggles ONE MORE TIME I am going to go postal!!!!

TJ this video is for you.  Go Team Edward.

The kids missed two days of school this week due to weather.  Bunch of sissies running the show in this town.  j/k  Not really, it's true.  They don't need a summer vacation anyway so keep canceling school with a dusting and see where we get!

I'm sick again!!!  Damn you uterus for making me ill !!!!!

My surgery date if February 1, 2011 which happens to be my daddy's birthday.
Nothing says happy birthday than spending the day at the hospital with your daughter and watching her kids.   I love you daddy!!!  <3

I did my one day Christmas shopping so the rest is up to Superdad.  Yay!!!

Baby M doesn't steal the camera because she's too busy eating her organic cheese puffs!!  Now I know what to give her when I want to film.

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom.


TJ said…
Did the Divine Miss M get crumbs on the Team Edward shirt? Horror!!
Supermom said…
YES!!!!! It was a nightmare!!! I was horrified!!

BTW, I wore my tee to the Great Wolf Lodge and got some "weird" looks. You can tell when someone isn't a fan!

Oh well.
Anonymous said…
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