The Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol in New York City

The Dry Skin Patrol has had the wonderful pleasure of being in the Big Apple for a couple of days before the Polar Bear Plunge on Coney Island New Years day.  It has been amazing for me since this is my first time in the city.  It's like being in a different world!  Just a total culture shock for a southern belle from North Carolina.

Even though I'm in the cold snowy weather I'm still only applying my lotion once a day after my shower.  Vaseline Intensive Rescue makes me feel so comfortable in my skin that I joined this mission to end your dry skin.  It has saved me.  I went from someone that suffered from dry skin wondering if it would be a day that I wouldn't want to me touched to someone who is all about being touched.  Would it be another day of icky-ness for me?  Would I try some new lotion and feel like a glazed donut?

I'm hear to tell you that Vaseline rescued my dry skin and I'm thrilled to be able to share my story with you!!!!  Who knew a Vaseline product review would turn into a webfilm and now touring with the Dry Skin Patrol?  A once in a life time opportunity in fact!

I want to take the time, again, to thank Vaseline!  Thank you for everything.  For running an 8k in Philadelphia, for skiing falling in Aspen and now for touring New York City and the Polar Bear Plunge!  And yet to come we have dog sledding in Duluth!!!

Thank you Vaseline.  You rock!

I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!  I'm sitting in my hotel in Soho with a view of the Empire State Building out my bedroom window looking at pictures trying to decide a few to post.  Only a few, like five.   Okay four.  Then after my traveling is done I will do just a slide show.  Deal?

The beautiful tree at Rockefeller.

Rockefeller Center New York City

The view from the Empire State Building.

Views from Empire State Building, NYC

Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Station NYC

Lobster at Del Posto.

Del Posto New York City

New Years Eve dinner at Dos Caminos.

New Years Eve

The Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol wishes you a Happy New Year!

Check back tomorrow to hear all about our Polar Bear Jump!!!!!  Go Team Vaseline!


Monica said…
I hate I missed your call yesterday. I can't wait to hear about all the exciting things you have got to do. I know you have always wanted to see NY.

This is a dream of a life time and you are getting to promote for Vaseline too.

You have also sold my family and me on intensive rescue. My dad esp being a man he does not like anything that smells girly so he will use it more.

So this winter we have less cracked hands and bleeding fingers and thumbs around my house and my parents.
I was looking at your pics on flickr earlier - Im so excited you get to travel to these place and have these experiences with other wonderful women! Enjoy! Keep the pics coming! XO
Supermom said…
Monica ~ I'm so glad you, your mom and your dad are loving the lotion!!

I love it too.

Renee ~ It was a lot of fun!!

I have pics on computer so when you two come by you can have fun!!!