Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol Heads to the Polar Bear Plunge on Coney Island.

Right about now I'm heading to the airport or already on an airplane heading to New York city.  I'm really excited about this trip because I haven't been to the big city before.  I have a list of things I'd like to do and see but not sure which ones I will be able to cross off my list.

* Ride the subway
* See Grand Central Station
* See the Statue of Liberty
* See Wall Street
* Visit historical places
* Eat some amazing food
* Rockefeller for ice skating and to see the Christmas tree

I'm sure I will get to check some off and enjoy things I haven't even thought about.  Our hotel is in Manhattan's Soho district.  The pics of the hotel look pretty swank if I get the room that has the view.  You know I will be taking lots of pictures like I've done in the past.

The #1 thing we will be doing in New York is spreading the word about Vaselines Intensive Rescue lotion!  It doesn't cover up your dry skin but heals it.  When I left Aspen I toted a whole case of samples home and have handed them out.  Every single person that got a sample has told me how much they love it!  I will bring home another case to hand out again so if you want one just let me know.

To read about the tour you can click here.

To follow the tour and see pictures and videos then follow The Official Vaseline Facebook Page.

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How exciting! Have fun in NYC, Michelle. Will you really be jumping in that cold water?
Have fun and stay warm! You will love the city - especially at Christmas! Check out Bryant Park too if you have time, I loved it there - and there was no wait to go ice skating!
Supermom said…
Mary ~ Yes, we did. TWICE!! I am considering coming up next year to do it again.

ASA ~ Thank you!!! The city was awesome!!!!!!!

We didn't make it to skates this trip so I will have to plan another trip back up!!!