The Tooth Fairy

We are so excited that Lil O has lost her first tooth!!!!  She didn't even tell us!!  This morning she came into the bedroom and was talking up a storm.  I noticed it first thing.  I said, "Smile for me".  She did and this is what I saw:

Every single time I see her talk with that missing tooth I just want to cry because she is so damn adorable!!!!!!!!!  I love it!!!!!

I also feel like crying because my baby is growing up.  She's gotten her ears pierced and now lost her first tooth.  Sniff sniff.  Next thing she will be picking out her dress for prom.

I'm excited because I haven't been the tooth fairy in years!!!!!  YAY!!!!  I'm going to do it big!!  I'm going to find some glitter or confetti and have fun with it tonight!!!!  I don't know who's more excited, Lil O or me????  I'm guessing her right now but tonight I will be more excited.  Then tomorrow we can be excited together!


Melissa said…
I love playing the Tooth Fairy. For my girls I would make them cards out of scrapbook paper and write a little note about how shiny and beautiful their tooth was. I gave them each $5 for their first tooth and $2 for every tooth after that. They loved it. Maia still has a few more teeth to loose so I'm just waiting. Have fun, I can't wait to hear about her reaction. Merry Christmas!