This is why we can't have nice things!!!

A minute ago I'm at the dining room table talking to Superdad and the teenager when we hear a loud crash!!!!!!

We all get up and rush into the living room, which is actually like 6 steps from the table, and find Lil O wedged between a chair and the Christmas tree.  Superdad had to dig her out.

She was STANDING on the chair I guess "looking" at ornaments but we all know she was messing with them AGAIN.  Even though I've been YELLING telling her since Monday to leave them alone.  She ended up breaking a tree branch and knocking off tons of ornaments.  Upon looking her over she had two ornaments hanging in her hair!  HA HA!!!

It would have been an ultimate picture had I not been freaked out about the broken tree branch.  And the fact that she has landed on some gifts for my girlfriends I had just put in holiday bags today.

I made her cry about the tree, my bad, but now she is laughing with us about the whole situation.   I'm laughing too seeing those ornaments hanging from her hair.

The joys of Christmas.  Chalk this up to a memory to share every year and to tell her first boyfriend.

How many days until I can take this tree down????


Mz Clean Freak said…
*smile* Love the post...but being a parent is trying. Sometimes we gotta give some discipline but hey she'll get (already) over it,,,,anywho like U said, it'll be something 2 tell the 1st love *heh heh heh*
Stay Blessed..
Supermom said…
Hello. Thanks for commenting. I went to your blog and now following. I hope you enjoy your Sunday!
Monica said…
Ok Now you have me totally scared since we are starting the tradition of putting up my tree at my house with the kids too... j/k Wish you had got that on tape. I really hope Mamaw's ornaments were not on the tree when that happened. I'm pretty sure you told me you did not put those on this year.

I will say it again I didn't have kids why????? reason number 435 you kids keep me worried to death what they are getting
Joyful Mommy said…
Just found your blog on MBC! Hope you'll stop by for a visit!
Supermom said…
Thanks Joyful!!!

Come back anytime!!