They say God will only give you as much as you can handle.

Well I must be one strong woman is all I can say.

It's 2:48 am and I have the washer and dryer going because an hour after I laid my head on my comfy pillow I wake up because Lil O is throwing up in her bed.  Her bed is beside my bed....

The first time she threw up I just gathered everything, including her special never without blanket, and threw it all in the washer.  I fixed her bed back with clean everything and tried to go back to bed.

It didn't work.

I got up and came into the living room to watch the Burn Notice finale that had been recorded Thursday.  This will be when the kitchen light blew so I had to dig for another one, drag a dining room chair in the kitchen and then change the bulb.

After watching my show I make my way back to the bedroom to crawl into my bed.  Lil O is already in my spot.  Then I smell it.  She had thrown up again, not waking Superdad, then just crawled into our bed to go back to sleep.

So, that's the load I'm washing now.  I feel sick to my stomach but I know it's just from "smelling" her throw up.

I have her resting on the couch watching cartoons with a trash can beside her.

I'm sitting in my chair...thinking....

Today has been awful not having heat.  The furnace guy chose not to come by and didn't have the courtesy to call and tell us and we wouldn't have known unless Superdad hadn't of called to see what was up since it was after 4 pm.  Needless to say we will not be calling him again or referring him to anyone.  We have heat now so that's all that matters.  Thanks to H's dad!!  He came by to get H and played a big role in getting the boiler up and running again.

I'm not going to sit here and moan and groan about everything that has gone wrong because I'm still able to sit here in my comfy chair and express my feelings online.

I just cannot wait until morning so I can change my sheets and fumigate my bedroom and then the couch.

Kids and germs.  Germs and kids.


Anna said…
I am so sorry you are having such a hard time right now! I hope you can get some rest today and start feeling better! Big hugs!
Isha Shiri said…
Wow, you have had bad days! Don't worry, better days will come over time. Have faith!

Here where I live (Santos, SP - Brazil), it's hot weather, early summer. This week we're on holiday in a hotel opposite the beach in the city side. Despite we live on the seafront, my husband wanted to have a few days for me, our baby and me in paradise..., but has 6 days under heavy rain! (lol)
- Lucky for us the pool heated up and we can playing with baby Hannah in hot water.

Well, it was good to read your posts. You write very well.

I wish you peace and may your days be sweet like honey.
Laurel said…
Hope Lil O is doing better now & it's nothing serious. Hope you are getting a chance to relax.