Supermoms Best of 2010

I've been taking notes all year about the "Best of" to blog about at the end of the year or on December 14, 2010.  I want to share my experience about the new things that have made my life much better.  ha ha

1 ~ Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion

Well, duh this is a given.  Doing a product review turned into a commercial and then being on the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol.  Being on the Dry Skin Patrol has allowed me to meet so many great people and travel to some amazing places.  Stay at amazing places.  Eat amazing food.  Not to mention all the great care they are taking care of me.  I do feel famous.  If you suffer from dry skin then you will want to try Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion because it doesn't cover up your dry skin but heals it.

2 ~ Earth Science Aloe Vera Complexion Toner & Refresher

I bought this product at Earth Fare and love how it makes my face feel.  It doesn't have the astringent that most toners have so it doesn't make my face burn.  I use it when I get up, when I take a bath and when I just want to freshen up after a long day.

3 ~ Made From Earth Rosehip & Hibiscus Organic Face Serum

I was actually sent this product to review and I've been using it ever since!!!!  I put it on before I use my face lotion and it just gives my face and neck an all over smoothness.

4 ~ Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

I'm a Twilight freak now but also in good company.  I've read all four books, Breaking Dawn I've actually read twice.  I have a "Team Edward" t-shirt and a Twilight tote bag.

I will admit that I will be in line to watch Breaking Dawn when it hits theaters next year.

I love you Edward!!!!!

5 ~ Taco Boy

We've heard rumors about how wonderful this restaurant was and we were finally able to eat there on our last Folly Beach trip.  We actually ate there twice, days apart from each other, on our trip.

Everything is made in house and they don't even own a freezer!!!  The food was awesome!!!  If you are ever near a Taco Boy in the Charleston or Folly Beach area then you must stop and eat there.

PS.  Get a margarita with your meal!!  I got two!  See the enjoyment on my face?

                                           Folly Beach

6 ~ Aspen

This goes with the opportunities that Vaseline has given me.  I absolutely loved Aspen.  It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited  and I've been places.

The Limelight Lodge was awesome and if I ever make it back to Aspen that's where I would want to stay.  I would also want to eat at Jimmy's again.

I had their crab cake appetizer and their fillet mignon for dinner.  O. M. G.  It doesn't get any better than that!!!

I would hit the slopes again but only to watch my family try to ski.  I'd be one of those snow bunnies sitting in front of the fireplace enjoying a drink as I stayed warm.

7 ~ Meeting Wendie Malick

Again, I have to thank Vaseline for this opportunity!  I was able to meet the beautiful talented Wendie Malick when we were in Aspen because she is on the Dry Skin Patrol too!!!  She even asked me if I was The Adventures of Supermom!!!!  I thought that was totally cool.

I've been a huge fan ever since Just Shoot Me and she probably thinks I'm a dork because I told her that! HA HA!!  I couldn't help it.  I loved her character in Just Shoot Me as Nina Van Horn.  I also confided in her that my brother in law had a huge crush on her.  I asked her if I could take a picture to send him, she let me.  She was just so wonderful and I enjoyed spending the day with her and Dr.  Jessica Wu.

8 ~ Dr. Jessica Wu is also on my Best of 2010 list!!  She was super nice to us and offered great skin advice for us.  I asked her about the bags under my eyes that seem to run in my family on both sides.  Unfortunately nothing can be done about them at this time since it is all genetics.

9 ~ Lil O starting the Montessori School.

At first I was super sad that my baby was old enough to start school.  We were extremely lucky to find an opening in the Montessori School for her for Kindergarten.  Even if we are having to pay tuition for her to go there.  It is 100% worth it.  At first Lil O had a hard time adjusting but now she LOVES going to school!!  It's awesome all the things she has learned and the things she continues to learn at such a young age.

All of us are so proud of our Lil O.

10 ~ My Mamaw turning 80

Lil O, H and Mamaw

We all know how I feel about my Mamaw.  She is the most amazing woman I know and I hope to be just like her when I am 80!!!  I love you Mamaw.

This concludes my "Best of 2010" list.  If I think of anything else I will just add it to my "Best of 2011" list.  (No, I will add them to the list so you might want to come back to see if I've added anything throughout the day.)