Thursday, December 23, 2010

Supermom was PUNKED!!!!!

My friend Monica came over today to celebrate her birthday, which is tomorrow, and then Christmas with my kids. I'd been hearing bits and pieces about gifts and such because we talk like a million times a day on the phone or by texting.  ha ha

So she gets here and we are exchanging gifts having a great time.  Lil O loves her Aunt Monica.

I made Monica a scarf for her birthday.

Monica has started a Christmas tradition with my kids.  She is getting them Christmas ornaments every year.

Last years:

This year we all got Cardinals!!  I love Cardinals.  B2 got a hedgehog ornament!  Love them!!!

So Monica is handing out gifts for the kids.

Then she has a special treat for me.  She knows I love peanut butter cups!!!  To have filler in the beautiful basket she used PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!!!!!  SEE:

Oh, these babies are all mine!!  ALL MINE!!!  Let me make that clear.  A L L M I N E ! ! !


After all of this Monica hands me a card telling me that she's arranged for my Christmas present to come when I get back from New York City.  Let me add that she's been making comments on the phone about getting my gift delivered.  I figured it was meat, who doesn't love a big piece of meat, fruit or veggies.  I even thought a flower or a tree to plant.

There was a piece of paper in the card folded up and on the outside it read.

What could it be????

I open and start to read!!!  I'm all excited!!!  "You're getting me chickens?  I love chickens!!!  You're really getting me chickens?!??!"  I'm tearing up.  I'm also thinkking, "OMG Monica just gave me two chickens!!!"  Then I'm thinking, "OMG I cannot have chickens in city limits."  Then I'm thinking, "OMG Superdad is going to kill me and then kill her!!!!"

Here's the papers that were folded in my card.

You may not be able to read them but I was able tooo!!!!  If you hadn't noticed I love chickens and buy local free range eggs and all!!!!!!

Supermom was PUNKED!!

I'm sad to say that I won't be getting any chickens!!!!  SNIFF SNIFF!!!!

It was an awesome prank though.

You know what they say?

Payback is a bitch.
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