Special Occasion for saying the F word #2

I'm using all the energy I can find to type up this blog post.  Since I am a very dedicated blogger I couldn't let my fans down.  Just know I'm very sick.  I feel like death sick.  I'm propped up in the chair in the living room listening to a Christmas movie while eyeing the trash can at my feet.

I'm not sure if it's food poisoning or a tummy bug.  We ended up going out to eat last night to get the kids (ME) out of the house and play in the snow.  I had an extremely spicy chicken sandwich for dinner because I love hot stuff and I was craving something to party in my mouth.  ha ha

I told Superdad about the "Party in my Mouth" but he wasn't thinking food at first.  *shaking head as I smile*

Long story semi short, I woke up close to 11 pm with my stomach on FIRE!!!!!  I am completely serious.  My stomach needed  a 911 call to put out the flames.  So, I laid on the couch in agonizing pain eating zofran like candy and sipping 7 Up.  Then the Zofran caused a headache so I had to take something for my headache.

I didn't sleep at all last night.  I watched crap TV like Three's Company, Golden Girls, Bridges of Madison County (I cried like a baby watching that movie) and even sunk so low as to watch an infomercial with Heidi Klum.  I would have probably called and ordered the product but that would have required me to find Superdad's credit card and well it was like 3 am in the morning.

It didn't let up and all I could do was cry.

I cried a lot.

This morning, without having any sleep, I crawl into bed and moan, groan and cry.  I was in so much pain.  When the doctors office opened I called them for help.  Superdad then turned right back around, he had just gotten to work, and hit the drugstore for me to buy the things the nurse told me to try.

I had chewed up the most potent Maalox on the shelf and waited.  Then I threw up.  I hate throwing up.  Hugging the porcelain throne.  However you want to say it.  At this time I had Superdad call the doc's office again to tell them my prognosis had changed and I was now throwing up.  *OH JOY*

They were super nice and going to call in some Phenergan.  Then it became a waiting game for them to call it in because you now how doctors are.  I even had Superdad call again to speed the process up for me.  It worked.  They called back a few minutes later to tell him they had called it in.

I'm so sick.  Very sick.  I have to get better because I fly on a jet plane Thursday morning for New York City!

This is my special occasion for saying the F word.  Close your eyes cause I'm going to talk like a drunken sailor.

"When do I get a f***ing break?"


TJ said…
Hang in there. The phen will let you pass out! If it is a bug or food poisoning, you're getting closer and closer to that 24 hour mark when you should feel some relief! Sorry to hear you're going through this. Being this sick just f-ing sucks!
Supermom said…
I feel much better today!! Thank goodness!!!!

How's everyone at your house?

I miss you and our Twilight chats. ha ha