Special Occasion for saying the F word #1

How ironic that I had decided to reserve my new dirty word for special occasions when one popped up.  I was able to properly say the F word and give it the justice it so deserved!

I had picked up three kids from school when I got the bright idea to vacuum the minivan out at a gas station on my way home.  I was able to vacuum out the minivan and was heading home.  I pulled out onto a side street to get behind a car that was turning left across an extremely busy road.  Yeah, a quick glance at her out of state plate made me realize she didn't know that turning left was impossible on that road!  So, she thinks she's going to go for it and pulls out.  I slowly ease forward.  She gets her whole car out and then realizes she cannot make it all the way over and starts to back up!!!!  STARTS TO BACK UP!!!

I put the minivan in reverse and start to back up too....then I hear a crunch.  CRINGE.  Yes, I heard a crunch but where was the car?  It seems a little red scion is in my blind side to the left and I backed my huge Honda Odyssey into a very small Toyota Scion.

I put my car in park and throw on the flashers and get out to beg for mercy with the driver of this tiny car.  He was super nice!!!  There was no damage to his car and just a few scratches on mine. I gave him my info and my cell number and he gave me his.  Again, he was super nice about me apologizing repeatedly.  I told him I wasn't worried about my scratches that I had four kids and the inside of my minivan had seen worse. ha ha  At least I wasn't sobbing like a baby and able to laugh about it.

Big sigh here....

So, I get back in the minivan and fasten my seat belt and say with such relief, "Oh fuck."

Yes, it felt amazing!!!!!  Yes, I felt totally naughty.  Yes, it was almost orgasmic.  Yes, I said it quietly as to not shock my kids.

There you have it, special occasion #1 for saying the F word.


Pam said…
First of all, Amen. I'm glad you're okay. That word is so effing powerful. I use it too much. Next year, I'm going to try NOT to use it so much. Wish me luck since I suck at new years resolutions.
Supermom said…
Thanks Pam!!!

I quit making resolutions because I only set myself up for failure!


We need to find a The F Word Anonymous to join.

Michelle :)