Seriously !??!! Really ?!??!??!

Let's just call this VENT Wednesday, shall we?

Superdad dropped Charter last week and got Direct TV.  I think it's Direct TV, we have a dish outside now and like a gazillion stations now.  We also have that awesome pause, rewind and record options for all our shows.  LOVE IT!!  I went through the movie channels and recorded some movies for a rainy day just for me.  :)

Last night we sat down to eat dinner and the kids had actually paused a Spongebob Cartoon.  SERIOUSLY!?!?  REALLY ??!??!  It's a cartoon and you know a rerun that they have seen 100's of times.  NO MORE PAUSING CARTOONS! ! ! ! ! !  And don't even think about recording cartoons either!!!!!   I can understand recording a brand new never seen before episode BUT if you are recording a 1998 Spongebob then we have a problem.

For pete's sake record something good like a Will Ferrell movie!!!!!  Right?

I'M TIRED OF BEING SICK!??!??!  SERIOUSLY!?!??  REALLY !??!?!  How much more can I take?  It's becoming a repeat from last winter with me sick every other couple days with a new cold.  I'm totally whining like a sick man!!  Yes, I feel that bad.  You know when I whine I must be on my death bed because I am not a whiner.  I talked to Superdad a little while ago and asked him to bring home more cold meds, menthol cough drops and the tissue with the Vicks in them.  I told him they were yummy for the nose!!!!  I coined another phrase.  "Vicks are yummy for your nose.  By.  Supermom"

The house is upside down which is proof I feel so bad.  I'm a perfectionist when it comes to a clean organize house and well right now my house does not pass my inspection.  Toys don't count there.  We do a 10 minute tidy every now and then and get that under control.  HA HA!!  I lie.  I end up fussing because I've stepped on a toy because it hasn't been picked up after the 20th time I've asked for it to be picked up.

ALSO, this weather is driving me absolutely batty!!  Last week the kids missed two days of school and, so far, this week they missed two days of school.  Today was a delay for my two oldest.  Get this.  MORE BAD WEATHER is on the way and we are going to get ice/sleet tonight.  So, perhaps no school tomorrow.  SERIOUSLY?!??!  REALLY??!??!?!?!??!  I'm going to prepare just in case we lose power tonight or tomorrow.  I can handle all the snow that's thrown at us but ice scares me.

So, yeah, I feel like crap.

Christmas is 10 days away and Superdad hasn't finished my list.  I still have crocheting to do for a few special gifts!

Someone come kick me off the computer and tell me to get my butt in gear!  SERIOUSLY!?!?!?  REALLY!??!??!


TJ said…
Was it the Battle of Bikini Bottom? Patrick digging for gold never gets old!
Glenda said…
I hope you feel better soon. Have a nice day.
Laurel said…
I remember having to ban cartoon pausing & recording, ESPECIALLY spongebob!

I was going to vent, about teens & cleaning & having to wait for pipes that you took precautions not to freeze, unfreeze but being sick & trying to deal- you can keep the floor- vent away!

Know your loved & dont over do it!
Monica said…
Ha Ha! You know you love sponge Bob!
Supermom said…
TJ ~ I don't know. YUCK!! I can only take so much Spongebob!!!!!

Thank you Glenda!!

Laurel ~ Vent away babe!!! My ear belongs to you, and the 5 other people in the house yelling my name.

Monica ~ BS ! ! ! !