"Officer, I was only doing what the boss told me to do."

Baby M is a total riot!!!!  She is our entertainment around the house, out places and in the minivan.  In the morning I take H to school then we take Lil O to school.  It's a routine we've had since August when school started.

So this morning, after we drop Lil O off at school, Baby M is singing at the top of her lungs,

"Baby I like it
The way you move on the floor
Baby I like it
Come on and give me some more
Oh yes I like it
Screaming like never before
Baby I like it
I, I, I like it."

(BTW, I think Enrique Iglesias is so sexy.  H thinks he's gay but I don't care.  He's the perfect eye candy!)

While Baby M is singing her song she is also shouting, "GO FASTER MOMMY!!!!!".    She's so funny!!!!  I'm really afraid of her to drive when the time comes now that I think about it.

Loud music and fast cars.......  hmmm.

I could only imagine getting pulled over this morning wearing my nightgown, flip flops and sporting some fantastic bedhead!  With coffee breath.  Yeah, about that.  Of course the officer would be getting pissed because I would be snapping his picture posting it all over Twitter and Facebook because that's just what I do.  ha ha

On another note, I've developed a potty mouth the past few months weeks.  Usually only a shit or dammit would be voiced when angry or while burning a finger on the stove.  I am ashamed to say that lately I have taken to the "F" word.  Yes, that "F" word.  I've never been an "F" word kind of gal....until now.  (hanging head in shame)

I promise to do better.  I promise to try.  I will reserve the "F" word for special occasions.  I'm not sure what a special occasion would be for the "F" word but I will figure it out.


Bella Cullen said…
Umm, I can think of a few F word moments of late.
Alice Cullen said…
Me, too. Just think real hard.....
Supermom said…
HA HA!! I love Twilight Fans! We all tend to stick together.

How would you put your "F" word in a sentence???

I'm curious.
Laurel said…
My child! There's the occasion! And I had gotten so much better when he was in the wilderness camp (hanging my own head)

Thx SuperLove for reminding us your human too!

As for M... Do you know any Lady Gaga?
TJ said…
How about this? "Edward Cullen is so fing hot!". Or "Jacob needs to shut his fing mouth."
Supermom said…
Yes, LaurelLove I am only human. Yes, in fact Baby M sings Lady Gaga!!!

TJ~ I fing love Robert!! I totally fing agree about Jacob. Wah wa wa wa. (Hey that sounds like me whining, wah wa wa wa) ^5
TJ said…
Bella is fing lucky to be locking lip w/ a fing hot (well, technically cold) vampire. WTF? Why does she have all the luck? Jacob, shut the f up & imprint on someone your own fing age.
Supermom said…

I'm dying for Breaking Dawn to come out NEXT YEAR!!!!!