Medicated Blogging

One of the perks of a kidney stone is the medication they give you.  Yeah, believe it or not there are perks to a kidney stone.  I guess that's the only perk.

Today I can tell the stone is making its way through my body because the pain is moving.  If you've had a kidney stone before then you know exactly what I am talking about.  All there is to do is drink, drink, drink, take pain medication and then drink some more.  When I say drink I mean water.  I've heard that beer is awesome for a kidney stone but I cannot see mixing beer and pain medications together.

At least not this very moment.

I may change my mind if this pain keeps up.  *sigh*

I just had a phone conference about the Dry Skin Patrol Polar Bear Plunge on New Years Day on Coney Island.  I'm really excited about this trip!!!  I've never been to New York City before!   It's exciting!!!  Our hotel is in Manhattan's SoHo district.  *squealing like a girl*

I may not be physically fit to run an 8K or have the skill to ski but I know I can jump in water.  This is one thing I know I can do!  I'm actually pretty excited about the plunge.  It will be something that I can tell my grandkids that I have done in my lifetime.

Since I am medicated and all I thought it would be a good time to share some pictures from Sunday.  We headed over to the Grove Park Inn to see the Gingerbread Houses and to visit grandma.


Keshia said…
School is out so I'm being a better bloggy friend and commenting :) Feel better soon! ((hugs))
kailani said…
I've never had kidney stones before but I heard they're more painful than childbirth. Yikes!

And I see that beautiful cashmere scarf!
Supermom said…

I look forward to reading your comments! I have missed you!

Kailani ~

Yes, they are rather painful but thankfully you get good meds to help with the pain. I've been dealing with kidney stones for 17 years so I'm used to the drill.

Yes, I love my beautiful cashmere scarf!! Have you worn yours??? Vaseline treats us amazingly, don't they???

See you soon in NYC!! Pajama party in my room!!!