It never looks the same way twice.

Every time I sit down and enjoy the Christmas tree it never looks the same way twice.  I think I have two elves, Lil O and Baby M, changing things around on me.  Sometimes all the candy canes will be in one spot.  Other times all the snowmen will be in the same area.  Then all of the snowflakes will be in a group.  It's rather comical.  Instead of musical chairs I have the musical Christmas tree.  I never know what to expect when the music stops.  Or in this case, when I turn the lights on.

This will go down in the Christmas memory book for future use, like the retelling during their wedding reception in the toast.  I should totally mess with them tonight and put all the ornaments toward the top of the tree leaving the bottom part empty.  HA HA!!

*knocking on wood*  There has been no more throwing up today.  I've fumigated the bedroom and changed all the sheets and washed all the blankets.

I still feel icky but I know it's in my head from the smell of last night.  Or it better be!  I was able to nap today with Baby M so I feel like I just "started" my day about an hour ago.  I hate feeling this way.  Like I am totally behind and haven't accomplished anything today.  Then I remember that I was up and down during the night holding my five hear olds hair while she was throwing up.  Yeah, there is that.


Sara-Lynn said…
Love this Michelle...Wishin you and yours all the best this Christmas!
New follower from MBC!