I'm a people watcher.

Come on admit it!  You know you're a people watcher too!  You do it at the Mall.  You do it at church.  You even do it at the grocery store.  The best place to watch people is at the airport!  I say this because I'm sitting at the Charlotte airport waiting for my jet plane to leave for NYC.  In two hours....

That means I have on an old Ipod listening to The White Stripes.  I love Jack White.  Poor Meg is always forgotten about since her 10 second sex tape hit the web.  Sorry Meg, but you know it's true.  I even admit that I watched it.  *hanging head in shame*  ANYWAY!!  I have actually seen them in concert thanks to Superdad.  He took me to see them when we were dating, here in Charlotte in fact.  How weird is that?

I'm people watching listening to Jack White sing Blue Orchid in the same city that Superdad took me to see their show when we were dating long ago.  That's got to mean something I'm sure in a round about way.  Right?

Okay, back to people watching.  I've been talking to people that have been stranded due to all the crazy snow on Christmas Day!  YIKES!  I see lots of frustrated people in fact.  I hate to admit that I got up a few short hours ago and boarded an on time flight and have no delays (to this point of my journey, that is).
"Oh, you've been snowed in in Asheville for the past three days.  Man, that stinks I'm sorry."

I sympathize in a different way!  Well, I've been snowed in with FOUR KIDS!  SO THERE!

I win, I win....skip skip skip.

Things have finally calmed down around me.  At least everyone is able to have a seat and prop their feet up.  Lots of tired people out and about.  I see people lugging their suitcases around with the only bit of energy that they have left.  Poor people.

I see lots of babies today!  WOW, it's like these women had a baby two weeks ago and traveled for Christmas.  I'm sorry but my girly parts would have to be healed 100% before I even thought about traveling with a newborn baby.  I just imagined a hormonal woman just giving birth two weeks earlier and traveling one of the busiest days EVER then having her meltdown on the airplane.  Wouldn't be pretty and I would have been that woman!  I could see myself trying to breastfeed the baby, have some smarta** make a comment and go all hormonal on them in the air.  It would have been all over the news!!!!   I'm just sayin'.

I also see lots of older people traveling today.  I admit that I saw the cutest older couple earlier and they made me think of Superdad and myself.  I hope that when we are older we will be able to travel together like that perhaps to see our grandkids.  Now, that's a lovely thought: traveling with Superdad, seeing our grandkids.

I think I will leave you on that thought.  After all, I do have over an hour until my next flight.

NYC!!  Watch out, because Supermom's coming to town!


Kimberly said…
My boys and I stopped in at a fast food chain restaurant yesterday. We never eat in (always electing to go through the drive-thru) but yesterday, we stopped and ate. Wow. The weirdness that comes out in suburbia during the day is frightening!
Supermom said…
LOL Kimberly!!!