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I'm freezing what God gave me off!

I thought that sounded better than, "I'm freezing my ass off."  This morning we woke up to an extremely cold house.  We just had oil delivered and our boiler serviced 4 weeks and 5 days ago, yes I counted!  So what's up with this???

I have a cold and my runny nose is forming icicles. This is no laughing matter.  Baby M, who is the nudist in the family, will not keep her clothes on!!!  I see her in a diaper, hold her down and put her clothes on her for her to rip the off as I am walking away.  The goober!!  So what, she may freeze to death.  It doesn't seem to bother her so why should it bother me.  *shrug*

Thankfully there was school today, a two hour delay.  Whew.  Seriously I was going to require a stronger medication, or vodka, had they stayed home again today.  So they've missed three days of school and had 2 two hour delays the other two days!!!  Lots of 2's in that sentence.  *smile*

So here I sit, in a cold house drinking warm coffee because as soon as I pour my coffee it starts to get cold.  I have the baby dancing around to the Veggies so at least the blood is flowing and keeping her warm.  I do care you see if she freezes to death.

What the hell....  I am Supermom.  Or at least I claim to be.

*Counting on fingers*

It's eight days until Christmas and I cannot drag myself away from the computer to crochet those last few gifts for the kids in the family.  There's always tomorrow right?  Or money in a Christmas card??!?!  I'm just sayin'.

Okay, must go wait for the furnace man to come again.  If you don't hear from me soon then send hot guys with blankets to my house.  I'd like that.  A LOT!!! 


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