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Girls just want to have fun.

That's how the song goes and I believe it to be true.  Especially when you are talking about a 2 1/2 year old!!!  This was the first Christmas that Baby M was really excited about Santa coming and this whole opening presents on Christmas morning thing.  Lil O was excited as well about Santa coming and the magic behind it all.  Her belief is very strong right now since we did just have the tooth fairy come to our house.

It was wonderful!!!!!!

After setting the reindeer food on the front porch and leaving cookies and milk for Santa out I tried to get them in bed!!!!!!  It took them forever to go to sleep!  Lil O's four hour nap didn't help the situation at all!!  I thought she'd never go back to sleep.  Then I fell asleep holding her hand and nursing Baby M and I didn't want to get up.  Until I realized what I had to do!  That jolted me up rather quickly!

Santa was rather loud last night due to how they package toys.  Not only is it guaranteed to not move during shipment but it is nearly impossible for parents to open as well.  It took me forever to open the pink guitar for Baby M.  It was the only major thing she has been asking for since Santa was mentioned.

You know your kid has an imagination when she using a fly swatter as a guitar!  Yep, she does.  I was super happy to find the pink guitar for her.  I knew she'd love it.

I was right.

Literally she hasn't put it down!  She jams out like a true professional!  It's awesome!!!!!!!

I've never seen Baby M so happy over a toy!!!!!!

This Christmas has been truly amazing.  I was so blessed to spend it with my loving family.  So blessed. We made memories that will last a lifetime.


YAY!!! Rock it Yo! i love the pics!
Monica said…
Rock on Mads!
Supermom said…
It is hilarious to watch her.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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