Family is what it's all about.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about "The Hens" because they are super special to me.

For as long as I can remember the three sisters have been called "The Hens".  I'm not sure who started it but it suits them.

We were all together Christmas Eve at my Dad's house to celebrate and be together as a family.  Three generations all sitting on a couch.  Actually I squeezed my butt on a fraction of the couch as my great aunt Wanda is trying to tickle me on my side.  See her hand?

First, you see Crazy Beautiful H who is my oldest daughter at the awesome age of 16.

Then you see my Mamaw who turned 80 this year.  I've spoken about my Mamaw too many times to count on this blog.  My Mamaw is the most special person in my life and I hope to be just like her when I get to be 80.  She's got spunk and tells you like it is.  She is my hero.

Next is Great Aunt Kat.  (Don't tell on me because I am going to tell you her age.)  She is 82.  Great Aunt Kat lives across the street from my Mamaw and they are always together.  They have always done everything together from eating meals to family vacations.  I kid you not when I say everything together.  Even now they continue to go on family vacations with us.  They get such joy being with my four kids!!!  Since Great Aunt K lost her husband to lung cancer a few years ago she needs Mamaw for everything.  Two Peas in a Pod.

Then there's Great Aunt Wanda.  (Shhhh, she is 84.) Great Aunt Wanda is the clown in the family.  She calls your house using different voices and she will dress up as a clown for your birthday.  Yes, she dressed up as a clown at Mamaw's 80th birthday party!  I have pictures to prove it!  Wanda reminds me of their mom, who I called Mamaw Freeman.  She died before I became a teen but the memories I have of her are wonderful.  I can still remember enjoying warm pound cake at her kitchen table.  So, anyway Wanda looks just like their mother.

They had a baby brother, who was 78, but he died earlier this year.

Every occasion "The Hens" get together and it's amazing!!!  They have gotten to know my children and most of all my children have gotten to know them.  I've gotten to know them.  I'm so blessed.

Since I have three daughters hopefully one day they can carry on "The Hens" tradition.  I think that would be awesome.


Monica said…
I can see you and your sister sitting around like that one day... I hope to be the adopted sister they keep wondering why is she so much shorter than the other 2...LOL
Superdad said…
I thought that the Hokey Pokey was what it's all about.
Supermom said…

Monica ~ I agree with your comment. We will be The Hens first then my girls can be The Hens next.
Mary said…
Love this! Makes me wish i had a close extended family. Cherish it for sure.