Christmas Traditions

With four kids in the house Christmas can get very hectic if I'm not prepared.  There are places we have to go and people that will come to our house.  Then there are work Christmas Parties....  School Programs....  Church....

Throw in that I've been traveling and I haven't bought ONE present, I haven't signed one Christmas card and we will be out of town for a few days next week.

What was I THINKING!!!??!??!??!?

I already brought the Christmas DVD's out.  Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Rudolph are the ultimate Christmas movies that every child and adult must watch!!  I remember watching them with my papaw when I was a little girl.  Memories that I have carried all this time with me.  

Another "classic" DVD I enjoy watching is Christmas Vacation.  I love Clark Griswold.  Aka:  Sparky.  This movie has me laughing every time I watch it.  My mamaw, who is 80, loves watching this movie every year as well.  She will bring out her VCR tape and enjoy the craziness.  

So, tonight I want to watch Christmas Vacation.  I've already been watching the Christmas cartoons with the kids since like Thanksgiving.  Then I can look forward to A Christmas Story's marathon!!  You'll shoot your eye out!!!  Which reminds me, I need to dig out Superdad's Leg Lamp night light for him.  (eyeroll)  What is it with men and the famous leg lamp??  ha ha

So, dust off your Christmas DVD's and music CD's.  Share with your children the true meaning of Christmas and most of all enjoy this time you have with your family.

Want to share a tradition you have?  Comment below!