Breastfeeding Rocks!

I am a big advocate for breastfeeding!!  I've been very blessed to breastfeed all four of my children and currently still nurse Baby M.  Baby M is 2 1/2 and she nurses at naptime and bedtime.  More for comfort than nutrition.

Yesterday I get an anonymous comment on one of my Week in Reviews that happens to have Baby M asking for ninny in it.

Here's the video in question:

Here's the anonymous comment:

"WOW!!!! You are breastfeeding a child that can ask for it??? Thats a little odd!!!"

Of course I had to allow the anonymous comment to post so I could comment back with this:

Anonymous ~
Nope, not odd at all. It is a personal preference and sadly society looks down on breastfeeding moms. What a shame that a mother giving her baby the best is judged by others. You don't see bottle fed babies judged by sucking a bottle after two years old, do you?
Even young babies that have been taught sign language can ask for ninny before the age of one.
I think breastfeeding is an amazing gift and I am extremely proud to have breastfed all four of my babies. 
Also, a former surgeon general of the US has commented that it is a lucky child who continues to be breastfed until age two.
BREASTFEEDING ROCKS and I'm sorry you thought it odd. 
To each his own.

Why does society have to be so judgmental when it comes to a nursing mother since it is very demanding to have a nursing child.  It isn't a walk in the park and takes dedication to be a full time nursing mother.


So, breastfeeding moms I'd love to hear your input.

~ Why did you choose to breastfeed?
~ How long did you breastfeed?
~ How did you handle the stupid comments from others about your choice?

I chose to breastfeed because I knew it was best for my babies and it was super special bonding time with them.  It was only something that I could do for them and I loved that!!  I loved being able to provide them the nourishment that they needed to grow.

I breast fed H for three years, B for a year, Lil O for 2 1/2 years (she weaned herself) and I am still nursing Baby M who is 2 1/2.

I handle stupid questions by blogging about it and hearing what others have to say about breastfeeding.

Your turn.

PS.  I'm off to check all my stat counters to see who sent the comment so I can send them a breastfeeding book.  


Mrs Furious said…
Kid until she was 3.5, I was pregs then and weaned her. Baby just weaned herself at 3.8. I was devastated. No one but an extended breastfeeder can understand how special (and natural) that relationship is. I miss it!
Primates are meant to breastfeed for the first several years. Chimps breastfeed for four years. Human children aren't anymore independent... it just makes sense and is completely natural.
Supermom said…
Copied and Pasted from Facebook:

I chose to breastfeed L because there was so many benefits to it, I knew there just wasn't another option for us. The first month was REALLY tough, and even still we certainly face challenges (oh, baby is hungry and needs to eat while trying to run around in public? Can't just pop out a bottle and hand it to them!)Pumping at work (I work part-time) is a pain. How do I handle comments? It depends on who is making them. I get, "Oh gosh, you are still nursing?" and I say, "Boy, you are really going to freak out when Lukas is two and still nursing, huh?" People look shocked. We also co-sleep. I honestly didn't plan for that, but it made things easier since Lukas still nurses throughout the night and he HATES his crib.He is only at peace when he is snuggled with us. I love the closeness we have, that no one else can provide for him what I can. I think I have made my parents converts. I was formula fed, as well as all of my siblings. My mom said the other day that she was "proud" of me nursing L. It was kind of a big deal to me. Congrats on nursing FOUR kids! A job well done.

P.S. L is 8 months now and still hasn't been sick!
Supermom said…
Copied and Pasted from Facebook:

Well I am judging you for breathing.
Not pissed? Well breastfeeding is equally normal and healthy and rightfully yours to do. Now stop getting your knickers twisted by ignoramuses...xox
Lizzie Ann said…
I applaud you for breastfeeding all 4 of your children! With my son I was not able to because he was born with a cleft lip and palate. With my daughter, sadly, I could have BFd her. I didn't know what I was doing and didn't have the support I needed. I hope that next time we have a baby I'll be able to breastfeed.

Congrats on your BFing milestones! I'm a new follower, you friended me on Mom bloggers so I thought i would come and leave a comment. :) Have a blessed week.
Supermom said…
Mrs F ~

I'm so thrilled that Kid and Baby nursed that long!!!!!! LOVE IT!! I know it was trying at times but I know that you loved doing it and the closeness that you shared.

B ~ I'm so happy that you kept up nursing, not giving up. I'm also super happy you co-sleep. The babies have never known a crib all sleeping in our bed. Lil O's bed is pushed up beside our bed and Baby M still sleeps with us. YOU'RE AWESOME!! Thank you for the email!!!!

N ~ Thank you for the wise advice. Some people just get on my nerves with their opinions.
Supermom said…
Rebecca said I could add her name because she is a PROUD breastfeeding mom. Her comment is about nursing her son L. I'm so proud of her!!!
Supermom said…
Lizzie Ann,

AWESOME. I've been meeting some awesome moms on MBC!!

I'm sorry you were unable to breastfeed your first child and didn't have support to nurse second. I wish you all the best if you are able to with another baby.

Either way you are an awesome mommy to nurse or not to nurse!

Michelle :)
Supermom said…
Copied and Pasted from Facebook:

I breastfeed because Supermom does it... haha just kidding. I started doing it because R suggested I try it cause he was breast fed. I keep doing it because once I got over the terrible pain it caused "the gals" it was really a special experience. I don't plan to do it past 1 year, but I can totally understand why someone would want to! Pumping at work sucks (literally), I have named my pump Bertha, and joke around to my co-workers about it... I am sure they are uncomfortable, but hey, that's what HR is for!
TJ said…
How about a shout out to those of us who couldn't BF b/c our baby was medically fragile BUT still managed to pump for 4 months b/f the wells dried up from stress ;). I had planned on breast feeding, but my daughter just needed as many calories as we could get in her. So, as a nurse told me, pumping is TWICE the work!
Forgetfulone said…
Hi. Came over from FRN. I have to say how much I admire you with 4 kids from 2 to teenager. Wow! You really are Supermom! And still breastfeeding? Wow! That is amazing. Breastfeeding my twins was not so easy for me because they were so tiny when they were born and they had trouble sucking, but I pumped for a while. It was the best I could do, and not for too long.

Anyway... I think we have been blogging about the same amount of time. And I could really use some peanut butter pie right now! LOL Nice to meet you!
Supermom said…
TJ ~ I think you are just awesome for pumping as long as you did. Pumping is work in itself.

You did what was best for your child no matter what.

It doesn't matter if you nursed or not.

I'm not judging those that don't nurse I'm just judging opinionated people that don't know what they are talking about yet still feel the need to voice their opinion.
Heather Nicole said…
I think it is awesome you breastfed all your babies. I also really admire those moms who work & pump or have a situation as in "TJ"s comment. Pumping is alot of work!

I breastfed Happy Baby for 7 months. My goal was a year, but every day was a struggle. Looking back I think stress and nervousness about being a first time mommy had a great deal to do with my supply issues. I am so excited to breastfeed our new baby arriving in March.

I do think it is sad breastfeeding is often a taboo subject. I hate to hear of a mom who doesn't atleast try breastfeeding when it is medically possible. With all honesty I cannot see myself breastfeeding much past 1 yr., but that is my own personal comfort level.

Oh I did want to say concerning your blog, I would find it odd to see a 2.5 year old with a bottle.
Supermom said…

Nice to meet you!! I recently joined FRN and have enjoyed the group and reviewing some awesome products! I met Kailani because we are on the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol. She's amazing!!!

Thank you for the kind comment. Nahh, I'm just doing the best I can at any given moment. My friends coined calling me Supermom and it just went from there.

I'm so proud of you for trying with your twins! I couldn't even begin to imagine the challenges of that. You did the best for your babies and I applaud you!

I'm not here to judge people that don't breastfeed but take a stand for ignorant comments from people that choose to voice their opinion when they don't know what they're talking about.

I'm following your blog and following you on twitter now.

Again, nice to meet you and I look forward to reading your posts!!

Mmmm, peanut butter pie, said in a trance. See what you started!?!? ha ha
Supermom said…
Thanks Heather for the comment!

Yes, I agree pumping is a lot of work! I'm very proud of the moms that do it for their children when they aren't able to nurse the breast.

I hope that you find more of a comfort level with nursing because I wouldn't trade anything for nursing the babes for as long as I have.

I cannot wait to meet the new baby in March!!!!!

Michelle :)
Keshia said…
Cooper is almost 2 and still breastfeeds at bedtime and naptime. And when he gets hurt sometimes. I mostly just tell people its none of their business, it isn't their boobs or their child lol

And Cooper was asking(with words) quite a bit before he was 1. He said booba and still does.
Supermom said…
Thanks K for the comment!

Booba! LOVE IT!!!
Ninny Natzi said…
Ninny, ninny, ninny!
Frank the Tank said…
Show us your boobs!
Supermom said…
HA HA!! I have showed my ninny on here before!!!

HA HA!!!

Supermom is a ROCK STAR!
Mel said…
I commented on MBC also but just wanted to say how much I love this. I've been breastfeeding my daughter, Mads, for 15 months now, and hope to continue for at least another 9 months. It was natural for me as my mother breastfed us and I watched my sister nurse her daughter and son for 18 months and 3 years. When my daughter was born he had just weaned and I loved the way he sat so close to me while I nursed her, watching us with a smile on his face, kissing her little new born head. A boy who loves breastfeeding women? I hope that feeling never goes away!
Hi Supermom,

I am still breastfeeding my baby and he is 14 months old, a lot of people ask me the question " Are you still breastfeeding wow"? Well it is about the right time to stop!!
Why do people interfere ?
Your article inspire me, will you share your story about your breastfeeding in my site please?
Keep on the good job.
Supermom said…
Good morning ladies!

Allison ~ Thanks for the info!!! Breastfeeding is very important! Young mothers should have encouragement from others instead of judgement.

Mel ~ Thank you so much for the comment. You ROCK!!!!! I love hearing your breastfeeding story!!
Thanks for checking me out from MBC!!!

Sarit ~ Thank you for your comment!!!! People interfere because they thing they know it all. I'd love you to share my post on your blog!

Merry Christmas!!
Michelle :)
Supermom said…
PS. Mel and Sarit

I'm now following your blogs and facebook.
Mz Clean Freak said…
first off, your video is too cute with her wanting to get to ya breast! LOL! I LOOOOVE your hair like that...short, simple & TOTALLY CUTE! I stopped breastfeeding at 1 year...but hey if you still breastfeeding thats kewl because they getting the best milk so do what you hafta do for your babiez ma! *smile*
Stay Blessed..
Supermom said…
Mz ~ Thank you for the comment!!! I just saw it!!!!

All I can say is you said it best! :)