12 days until Christmas

How did that happen???????

It still doesn't feel like Christmas to me yet.  Even though we actually have a lot of snow.  Isn't that what everyone wants?  A white Christmas.  Looks like we may have one.  Probably left over snow by the looks of it.

So, are you ready for Christmas?  Have you made Christmas candy?  Have you wrapped your last gift?  Are your stockings hung by the chimney with care?

This year I didn't make any Christmas candy.  So feel free to bring me a lot of your homemade candy if you wish!!!!!

However, I did make all of my Christmas gifts for my family.  That was my goal this year, to make special gifts for the ones that mean the most to me.  I'm proud that I was able to make gifts for my family and friends.

It looks like I have things to do in the next 12 days, I think.


Laurel said…
I usually get in the spirit at the first cold snap & if Christmas was the following week Id be so into it, BUT it never last, I made it a lil longer this yr was in the mood all the way to Thanksgiving, now Im ready for it to be over so we can get back to the regularily scheduled program.

I feel very honored that I got some of your homemade goodies! I am living in the scarf, tho I did notice it needed a washing, not sure how to do that, wear it in the shower? Have hubby steal it while Im sleeping like we did kids blankies? Maybe it will warm up soon & I can toss in the washer, we'll see! The tea set is on my dresser & the scrubbies hang from a suction cup on bathroom mirror (so pretty), what? actually use them? I think NOT!!

TY Supermom for being such a rock this last year! Luv you!
Supermom said…

Yeah, I'm with you. I'm ready to take the tree down and get back to the regular program. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the kids opening their gifts and watching their excitement.

I'm stressed with this traveling and the things going on in life.

My last travel date is the last weekend of January then I have ONE WHOLE day to clean my house, grocery shop and wash clothes before I have my surgery the next morning.

The hysterectomy will have me down for a bit of time and that makes me anxious.

I am the caretaker of all and not being able to care for my family makes me extremely anxious!!

You will have to be my texting buddy!!!! Or rather I will be texting so much you will get tired of me!!! :)

I'm glad you liked your goodies!!!!! USE the face scrubbies!! You will love them! I do!!!

I love you too!