Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol rescued dry skin in Philadelphia.

Today our mission was to rescue dry skin at the Philadelphia 8K.  At first my goal was to just finish the race.  Remember I don't do any physical activity unless....nope, I don't do   A N Y physical activities.  The only exercise I get is using the stairs to get to the washer and dryer in the basement.  Well, I do chase four kids around.  Does that count?  So, my goal was to finish the race but then Kari gets all competitive and then IT'S ON!!!  Let me add that she used to be a PE Teacher.  So, yeah, she kicked my butt.  I can admit I was spanked!!!!!  WTG Kari!!!!!!!  Then Kailani came in second!!!!!

Yes, that means I came in last!!!

I really thought I would be okay with the race, keeping up with everyone with a fast walk.  I was wrong.  It was torture a good workout.  I am proud that I did make it over the finish line.  So, I can say that I have completed an 8K (walking and gasping for air).

Vaseline is on a mission to deliver one million good skin days this winter and Philadelphia was our first stop.   The Vaseline booth handed out LOTS of Vaseline Intense Rescue lotion today at the marathon.  I know from personal experience that it will heal and rescue your dry skin.  It was perfect handing out the samples on a chilly day right before a marathon because it gave everyone the opportunity to try an awesome lotion and to better prepare themselves for the marathon.  Our trainer had us apply some Vaseline lotion on our calves and I swear it helped.  They weren't sore at all when I ran walked the race.

Here are some random pictures in the beautiful town of Philadelphia and the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol.

Heading to the marathon.  I won't mention that our wakeup call was at 4 am.

Before the race.  Kailani, Michelle and Kari.

The real runners are gathering to start.

There's always one in the bunch.  Seriously, these guys were awesome.  The best.  We love you.

This picture was taken after I crossed the finish line.  I cannot believe I was still standing!!!!  GO TEAM VASELINE!!!

The famous steps that Rocky ran up during his training.

The Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol during our training.

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures!!!!!

Part of our new Vaseline family.

The view from the steps.

My #1 fan or he may be Superdad's #1 fan.  I will have to ask to clarify.

This trip has been amazing!!!!  Just totally amazing!!!!  I cannot begin to express how amazing.  I'm so glad to be promoting a product that I personally use and believe in.  Vaseline doesn't just cover up your dry skin, it heals it.

The Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol will be heading to Aspen in six days.  Check back next weekend for all the updates!

**I have been compensated by Unilever for my time to travel on the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol Tour.  However, the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**