U Can't Touch This.

Woot woot!!  Another video.  Ask and you shall receive.  Sorry the Wiggles didn't entertain Baby M long enough to film this time.  When she wants ninny, she really wants ninny.  Who wouldn't want ninny?

Team Edward all the way baby!!!!  My shirt came in the mail!!  I hurried up and threw it in the wash so I could wear it.  Yeah BABY!

Trashion Show was awesome.  I'm so proud of Renee.  Madeline loves you Renee.  Olivia too, remember that time she fell asleep on you when you were here one night!!!!!

Vaseline Tour here I come.  Two days away.  I'm excited and nervous!!!!!  If you are in the area stop by and tell us hello.

Jewels that Dance ROCKS!!  They rock and have the BEST ROCKS!!!  :)

Crying baby wins so I bid you all goodbye.

Remember to follow me on tour on Vaseline's Official Facebook page.  I have a link right over there.
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Monica said…
just a word of advise you may want to put a cus box on supermom blog while you are gone for superdad's post. I see B meeting you at the finish line of your marathon.
TJ said…
Whip out the NINNY!
Supermom said…
TJ ~ I bet I would get more fans!!!!!
Mamarazzi said…
i am going to have to go and see what this whole Vaseline tour is all about!

i can't get the video to play. Boo! i will try to come back later...

But the main reason for my visit...

I just wanted to stop in, as a fellow nominee, and congratulate you on your Top Blog 2010 Nomination over on The Blog Guide.

It is a thrill to be nominated in such great company!!
Supermom said…
Hello there!!! Thanks for the visit. I didn't think I made the cut! I will go vote for you though! :)

Bookmark me and come back anytime!!! My videos are on youtube and should play. Hmmmm.

Michelle :)
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