Traveling again and the options I will have to face.

I blogged last week about the full body scans and the extensive body search you go through when you decline the body scan.

I was listening to the radio last week and even heard a pilot say the scans will not make air travel any safer. And he should know since he's an air pilot.

I did a quick Google search and found this interesting tidbit:

Do Airport Screenings Really Make Us Safer?
Submitted by Anne Landman on November 17, 2010

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Put It In Perspective
People also need to put the terrorism threat into realistic perspective. Globally, the average international death rate from road accidents is about 390 times that from international terrorism. In 2001, U.S. road crash deaths were equal to those from a September 11 attack every 26 days. More than 400,000 Americans are killed each year by smoking cigarettes -- hundreds of thousands more than terrorism causes, but millions more dollars are being pumped into trying to stop terrorism than into addressing these other well-known factors that kill hundreds of thousands more Americans with greater regularity. Policymakers should pay attention to such comparisons when allocating resources to public safety, and the public needs to take a deep breath and face the reality of such comparisons. Terrorism is a small threat compared to the massive amount of resources being thrown at the perceived problem.
Additionally, out the most notorious post-911 attempted airplane bombings in recent years -- the "Shoe Bomber," the Christmas Day "Underpants Bomber" and more the recent mailed cargo packages -- none were intercepted by TSA. They were all stopped by other means, including alert airline passengers.
The government is in an irrational panic mode when it comes to airline travel. Millions of innocent travelers are now effectively considered guilty until proven innocent. TSA's invasive screening procedures are bringing home to people to just how much freedom they have been forced to give up in response to the actions of a few terrorists.
There must be better ways to handle the problem, and more effective ways to allocate resources to keep American safe. It's time the government started taking a hard look at what those might be.

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Or read this full article:

Experts Assess Health Risks of Airport Full-Body Scanners

By Emily P. Walker, Washington Correspondent, MedPage Today
Published: November 24, 2010

The scientists said the device has not been adequately tested and laid out a number of issues that they say are unknown, including the effects of radiation on older passengers, pregnant passengers, and passengers with HIV or cancer, and what effect the low doses of radiation might have on breast tissue directly beneath the skin, on corneas, and on testicles.

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Then here's another article:

Never Mind the Nudity, Are the Full-Body Scanners Safe?

I guess you can see my concern over the topic.  Superdad doesn't want me to have the body scan because he's worried about my health and the risks of cancer it may have down the road.

Since I will be in several different airports on Friday and Sunday I may have to decide full body scan or to be "thoroughly searched".  Last weekend I only had to take off my shoes, scarf and jacket.  My clothes and purse went through an x-ray machine while I went through a metal detector.  That I can handle.

I'm curious to hear about holiday travel this weekend and then to hear some health findings down the road after the system has been in place for several years.

I choose to go to third base at the airport than subject my body to unnecessary radiation.