Supermom is sick.

Not only did I wake up sick this morning but I am unable to move without moaning and groaning.  It's pitiful.  I figured I'd be sore like in my thighs and feet but I have this odd pain in my inner thighs near my girly parts.  Yeah, it hurts to sit down or stand up.  I guess when I do it, I do it right.  I'm sore from doing the 8K and now my throat is sore, my chest hurts, my ears hurt and I have a fever.

Wahhhh, I just want go to home and be around my wonderful family as I yell at the kids to stop jumping on the bed because I don't feel well.

SO, I get this brilliant idea to get to the airport before 10 am knowing my flight is at 3:30 pm hoping to catch a standby flight home since I don't feel well.  Brilliant I tell you.  Except I checked in my bag last night online from the hotel.  I've been checking it in so I didn't have to worry with keeping up with it.  I get to the counter to tell her my brilliant idea and she frowns.  TSA regulations says you have to stay with your checked bag so you will not be able to take an earlier flight home.  Well, shit!  I cannot carry the bag on because of the liquid rule.  I have like tons of Vaseline lotion in my bag.

(Note about suitcase.  I couldn't shut it this morning.  It just wouldn't zip.  I had to regroup and take things out.  I left food and Vaseline lotion at the front desk of the hotel because I couldn't bring it home.  I tried to give them an awesome pair of 7 1/2 tennis shoes worn once, CROSSING THE FINISH LINE BABY, but they had bigger feet than me.  So I have them crammed into my bag for the plane along with the wonderful chocolates that Kailani gave us.  No way was I going to give those up!!  TAKE THE SHOES BUT LEAVE THE CANDY FROM HAWAII!!!!!!

So, I cannot travel ahead of my bag and I cannot check it in because of all the stuff I'm bringing home.

Guess what I'm doing?

I'm sitting at the Philly airport.  Sitting cross-legged with the planes behind me, shoes in the floor.  I've got my headphones on listening to relaxing music while I type this up.  In a few I'm going to steal borrow a wireless signal to post on the blog.  A shout out to the airport for the free wifi!!!  You made this post possible without me stealing.

Where's the Dry Skin Patrol to save me now?

Superdad, this is for you,

"Stay alive, I will find you!"


Monica said…
Don't you hate it when the best planned out scheemes have a hugh flaw in them...:(
Kailani said…
Oh no! I'm so sorry for even suggesting that you check in your bags online! I hope you're feeling better today!

Gets lots of sleep and have SuperDad take goo care of you!