Supermom is down with third person.

If it's good enough for Harry then it's good enough for me.

Supermom has been texting with TJ about how she, Supermom, neglected her kids for five days as she read the whole Twilight series.  Don't go gasping in shame.  Everyone neglects their kids once in awhile or five days.  Right?

Did Supermom mention that her world stopped while she read these books?  There were dirty clothes piled up in the hall.  Spilled sugar in the kitchen floor, for a few days it stayed there.  Supermom barely took a bath or brushed her teeth.  Supermom was obsessed I tell you!!!  So before you go passing judgement, have you read the books?

Supermom made an appointment to get her hair cut.  I know, I know.  Sort of a quit your bitching type thing and do it already.  Get your hair cut.  Let it grow.  Does anyone really care???  Supermom looks better with shorter hair.  The proof is in the pictures of the past.  Supermom could almost pass as hot with short hair.  You know if you like that Mom with Four Kids look.  Longer hair on Supermom makes her look tired and older.

Of course Supermom will post pictures of her new hair.  She knows you will on the edge of your seat waiting.

So, tell me Supermom Fans, when have you neglected your kids because something had sucked you in?

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TJ said…
Neglect my children? Never? I am on the ball 24/7 during deployments and after deployments. Ha! I've been known to bundle them up and drag them out in the freezing cold so I can get my Red Bull fix. Let me tell you, they were happier kids for it. As Harry says, "Harry needs to help Mommy get her drink."
Harry said…
Harry thinks Supermom needs to cut her hair and dye it ginger like Edward. Harry also thinks Supermom should leave the Super kids with Super Dad more often. That way Super Dad can get a feel for what Supermom does. Harry fall down. Daddy let go of Harry.
Supermom said…
HA HA !! How did I miss these comments???

Red Bull? I've never tried one. Are they worth all the hype??? Do tell.

HA HA!!! Harry is a blog just waiting for you to write.