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Superdad copes

Let me just preface this (while giving you the look and slowly waving my hand in front of you) by saying,
"These aren't the droids you're looking for."

We're all doing great. The kids have been eating broccoli and picking up after themselves without being asked. They even asked if I wanted them to go to bed a little early so daddy could get some rest after his long day.
Really, Supermom, I had no idea it was going to be this easy.
Maybe I should stay home more often.

**Blog post written by Superdad**


Supermom said…

You about made me wet myself from laughing!!!!!!

I miss you guys and love you!!
Monica said…
I think this is a great time for superdad to be there for his girls. Its always good for girls to know that daddy can dry tears and comfort like momy just in a different way. I sometimes found I rather go to Daddy with certain problems growing up. B this will be a great bonding time. Even if you are lying about
Anna said…
What a great sense of humor you have!
I think you need to start your own blog...seriously!

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