Perspective - a love letter

We're all familiar with the saying: "You don't appreciate what you've got 'til it's gone."
Occasionally we get an opportunity to gain that perspective without suffering through a tragedy.
No, I'm not missing Supermom because I'm inconvenienced in any way. I don't mind having to pick up toys or give baths or feed finicky eaters. It's true, I don't handle it with the same grace or ease or patience. But I do OK nonetheless.
I'm missing Supermom because we really haven't been apart in a very long time and...
(Holly Hunter voice from the movie Raising Arizona)..."I love her so much". :-)

**Blog post written by Superdad**


OMG! Superdad - you rock the planet for REALZ!!! XOXO
Anonymous said…
How many more movie references b/f Supermom gets back?
Supermom said…
I miss you too honey!! I will be back before you know it.