Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

I made it home last night!  I was terrified to be flying at night, in the dark, with a small plane that had propellers.  They probably started the plane by twisting rubber bands.

Thankfully I had shared a drink with my new friend before getting on that plane.  Let me tell you about my new friend.  I met Vinny on the plane from Philly to Charlotte because we shared an armrest.  We pretty much talked the whole time, except when I was wearing my headphones listening to music so I could pretend I wasn't on an airplane that could crash at any moment.

After the plane landed he mentioned getting a drink before our next planes took off.  At first I was worried because I thought he may have this Mrs. Robinson thing going on.  His MO may be picking up older women on airplanes all the time.  You just don't know these things.  But he was very gracious as I grilled him over our drinks.  And I did grill him.  Me:  So are you single?  V: Yes.  M: So, what did you do to cause the break-up?  V:  Okay, maybe I'm not open as much as I thought for this interview.


I will say it made me feel really attractive being taken out for a drink by a total (younger) stranger from a plane.  Just what the doctor ordered!

Seriously, we had a nice time.  Thank you Vinny for buying a sick, very sore Supermom a drink.  Ladies, if anyone is interested, he is single and lives on the coast of North Carolina.  I have his email address if anyone wants to chat him up!  He's worth it!!!!  He's originally from Philadelphia, a gentleman and has fun with numbers.  I think I should start Supermom's Dating Service.  What do you think?


When my plane landed in Asheville I was so sore I could barely walk and didn't feel well at all.  Seeing Lil O's face when she first saw me and started to run to greet me made it all better.  ALL BETTER!!!  Then I started to cry.  More from pain because I bent down to greet her!!!!  But then I became very emotional.

It was so nice to see Superdad!!!!!  It was overwhelming because I knew I was home.  Superdad was awesome!!!  He had worked really hard over the weekend with the kids.  H was such a big help for him!!!  She really jumped in with both feet and helped with the babies in my absence!!  It was so sweet of Superdad because he had put on clean sheets on our bed.  He said I know you are sick and in pain so you deserve a clean sheet day!  Everyone say "awwwwww" together.

I didn't really even unpack until this morning.  I'm leaving on Friday morning for Aspen so I just have to move my clean clothes into the larger suitcase and go from there.  Clothes are washing as I type this blog post up.

I really enjoyed the weekend with my new friends.  I can now say I finished an 8K!!!  Like that's ever going to happen again!!!!